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Julius Huffam Diary : Friday 6 February, 1914 - Saturday 6 February, 1915


Daily entries covering Huffam's life in Nelson, voyage to Fiji during February 1914, his stay in Fiji, voyage to Brisbane working aboard "Amra" (May 1914), and life in Brisbane until his return to Nelson in January 1915. Comments about progress of the war during his stay in Australia, where he enlisted in the Naval Reserves and Expeditionary Forces in the hope of being called up. He embarked for war service from New Zealand on the 13th June 1915 in the Medical Corps.

Diary Entries:

Up at 5.30 A.M. after a very restless nights rest, blowing gale all night & exceedingly drafty & cool where I lay but managed to get through the night. My own fault as Aunt Fran is continually endeavouring (sic) to get me to sleep indoors. Loafed all day. Wrote & posted letters to Mrs Joyce & S Dickson. Doing nothing is beginning to get on my nerves & I’m also putting on fat, Blowing very hard just before nightfall & had to rig up a break-wind on the waggon (sic) before retiring The last of the old year is at hand but we’re not stopping up to see it in. To bed at 11 Pm.

Up at 5.45 Am. & chopped a little wood but the flies soon prevented me making further progress. Uncle Tom to town. Finished reading “2 maids & a man” Strong southerly & very cold sprung up at 3 P.m. dense clouds of dust sweeping along the road. Put in considerable time trying to exterminate an Ant nest but without success. Ants have got into some boxes of raisins in the shop & caused no little annoyance trying to get rid of them during the time of which they bit & fought like devils. For a swim with Cecil & Polmear before tea. Took soap & had a good wash which I needed, & in spite of the dirty water I enjoyed it. Strong southerly wind increasing to gale [at] night fall. & cold weather very changeable. Tinkered with camera & glued same. Uncle arrived at 9.30 Pm. & we all had supper & discussed the latest war news. To bed in the waggon (sic) at 10.30 Pm

Up at 6 A.m. Weather fine & clear Loafed all the day away. flies are unbearable & one has to keep a wisp going the whole time. Reading all day a very shallow & stupid book “Two girls & a man” but nothing else to do. Read down in the cellar for a time as it is nice & cool down there. For a walk to the creek in evening after tea with Polmear & Cecil who stripped off & had a good swim. They were like two tadpoles frollicing (sic) in the water & appeared to enjoy themselves immensely. To bed at 11 Pm Observed Ants antics today & was very interested in these interesting creatures. They makes (sic) tracks quite the size of small sheep tracks through the grass. Up & down these tracks they ply their busy way in crowds to their nest which is generally a bare sandy patch.

Up at 5 AM.. Weather clear & fine but all the same warm. For a long drive up the Honeysuckle Valley with Uncle Tom in the morning. Barney the dog very busy catching rabbits the whole time. Where ever the land is not wire netted the ground is razed of everything growing. Gathered some firewood (on the return journey) of which there is a bounteous supply everywhere. Noticed hundreds of trees split to smithereens by lightening. Did nothing during the afternoon of importance. The Ants are an awful pest. I have observed these busy insects which are extremely interesting. They fight like scientific boxers & work like human beings. Where one cannot shift a load. he’ll go & interrupt another ant which will drop his load & go & assist sometimes several ants are engaged on a job & when finished, will will (sic) return & each take up his abandoned load & proceed.

Up early with the sun streaming on me. Flies abominable & worrying. Spent an exceedingly lazy day Weather fine & warm. Arrival at about 5 Pm of two Miss Thomas’s from Tallangatta Had tea together. (made no preparations) & they left at about 6 Pm on return. All of us for a walk at dusk up the left Branch which we enjoyed. Uncle called in at Church on return, but we proceeded on our way. Polmear conducted reading & Lords Prayer on [their] return which he did splendidly. Had supper & to bed at 11.15 Pm

Up at 7 am. Good nights rest. Helped to prune the bluegum by the front gate. Did nothing else most of the day but eat & drink. Weather not quite so hot but warm enough. Reading a great deal. The whole lot of us went for a drive up the Valley in the evening which was most enjoyable. The country is beginning to look green once more, Tremendous lot of rabbits are out in the evenings. great droves of them everywhere. & all the grass & land that is not wire netted is razed to the ground in no time. Cattle appear to look in good condition. Met Miss M Polmear who seemed a simple sort. Passed a creek, Honeysuckle Creek which looked charming with its many reflections. Returned at 9.30 Pm. Glorious night & moonlight & lovely & cool. Had supper & then camped outside in the bottom of the waggon (sic) as usual.

Up at 7 Am Day extremely hot & sultry, did nothing but read most of the time. (Sack of shakings) kindly lent me by Mr Dickson to read on the train journey. Children very noisy. Uncle Tom to Tallangatta to have dinner with his Mother Had a real good dinner here to ourselves. Aunt Fran & 3 children, Roast Mutton, beans, potatoes, Jellies cake & bananas. Thunderstorm in afternoon but not much rain. cooled atmosphere here a little. Had lie down in afternoon. Uncle retuned at 7.30 Pm. Met Mr Sam Polmear who came in & we all had a glass of beer together To bed at 12 Pm. in Waggon. (sic) Funny story by Aunt Fran of the hair dye used by uncle Tom in Bondi.

Up late, Uncle Tom to Tallanagatta & returned at 11 Pm. Did nothing most of the day & having a real lazy. day. Uncle with toothache most of time, Weather dreadfully hot & sweltering all day, Santa Claus & Aunt Fran filling the kids stockings last thing at night which was very amusing indeed. The store is extremely busy all day. & Uncle & aunt hardly have a minute in which to get a mouthful, Too hot indoors so have decided to sleep in the waggon (sic) to night. To bed at 12 Pm. feel very poorly most of afternoon & evening, took 3 Dr Morses Indian root pills.

Up at 7.30 A.m. Polly very restless all night. Did nothing most of day Uncle Tom left for Tallangatta at midday & returned at 11 Pm. Had a walk with Polly & Cecil to the top of a spur opposite from which we commanded a splendid view Rabbits very thick everywhere. & the noise of Laughing Jackasses amusing. Polly & Cecil are just like two rats in the bush & by far the most active kids I’ve met, Wrote letter to Mrs J & Grandma. To bed at 1 Am following morning.

At Tallangatta Valley Up at 7 Am. & had breakfast which I enjoyed. Weather drizzley (sic) & damp. Sound nights sleep. Uncle & Aunt have a very busy little business here in the form of a general store, & they are kept going Weather cleared up in the afternoon a bit. Had a very lazy day indeed did practically nothing but chop a little firewood. To bed at 12 Pm after our tongues had gone till they ached.

Still going strong. Arrived at Harden at 2.35 A.m. getting a bit cool now, Everyone in our car trying hard to sleep. Arrived at Junee at 4.30 A.M. beginning to rain now & we’re passing through hundreds of miles of bare land. could not see a blade of grass for miles. evidence of drought everywhere. few waterholes here & there with a bit of stagnant water. as far as the eye can see on either side of the line it is bare of vegetation save the Red gums. Arrived at Wagga at 5.10AM. raining hard. Arrived at Albury at 7.30 & changed trains. Caught the 8.20 AM train for Tallangatta Wodonga. had cup of tea 6d here. Victorian trains are far superior to the N.S.W. [lines], Country looks better here, but animals extremely skinny in fact painful. Got a trip up in a goods van to Tallangatta where I commenced to walk out to the Valley, when Uncle Tom put in an appearance. & saved the situation. Had dinner with Uncle with >at< his mothers & in the evening at 4.30 we started to drive out in the rain & arrived at 7.30Pm & had such a welcome. To bed at 9. Pm

4d tram fare. 6 chocs 1/ Mrs Joyce 6d tramfares Up at 6 Am & finished packing. Met my Mate at 8.30 & to town together with rest of luggage. which I left at Sydney Ferries Ltd. Then we bought some fruit & left for Centennial Park together. Also left parcel & coat with Mr Dickson. Had a good time in Park. had tea together which my mate shouted. Left there at 3.30 Pm & called at Y.M.C.A. before having tea & gave Mr D - balance of Mrs Joyces money 9£ for her [fare] Then to ferry together & got my luggage & then to station. My mate saw me into a good seat in Melbourne Express train & then left me. Left station at .7:25Pm but I had to take my seat at 6 Pm in account of the teriffic (sic) crowd for the train. On our way at last. good bye Sydney. Arrived at Goulburn at 11.45 P.m. Very hot & stuffy in our car. & absolutely no sleep at all. Our cars company consists of 3 ladies & 4 Gents. Arrived at Yass Junction at 1.15 A.m. Very dirty through flying soot & coal. had to shut window 2/4 Exs

£5 to Stan Dickson for keeping for fare Up at 6.30 Am & Met Mrs Joyce at 8 Am who gave me the balance of my money £10 & my seal. Got my washing 1/. & then packed up. left Manly per 9.30 Am boat for town. Weather fine & hot 90°. quite usual. Left one portmanteau & parcel of tools at Ferry luggage room. & left the ticket in charge of girl there. Called on Mr Dickson & left him £5 to keep for me. Booked my ticket at Martin place for Wodonga. 29/6. bought razor blades & strop 5/. then to ferry once more. & embarked for Manly per “Kurin-goi” Met my companion at 1.30 & embarked again for Sydney. Left her again at 3.P.m. as she went off to station to meet her Bro in law. I picked up Mr Dickson & in Co (company) we left for La Perouse where we had a most enjoyable dip 1/ tram fares, Arrived back at Y.M.C.A. & had tea at 6.15 Pm, Mrs J & her bro in law Mr Bewes Met us at Y.M.C.A. after tea & we had a very pleasant chat together. He left us at 7.P.m, & my Mate & I left Y.M.C.A. I had an hour at pictures from 8 to 9 Pm. Both left for 9.30 Pm boat for Manly, & duly arrived I left her at Tram & to bed myself at 10.30Pm 1/ washing 6d tea at Teagues 29/6 ticket to Wadonga 2d tram fare. 1d charity 2/ Mrs McIntosh 3/ razor blades 2/ Auto strop. 1d paper. 6d gargles. 1d tram fare 1/ pics £2.0.10 Ex,s.

Up at 6.30 Am. Wrote to Aunt Het. Had a shave 4d bought stamps 4d Caught the 7.50 boat for town. Posted letters to Grandma & Aunt Het Had morning drive through city & then had tea & bon (sic) bread at Teagues 5d Elizabeth st. Visited dentist at 9 Am & got finished up two teeth stopped paid for same 22/6. Went up for Licence (sic) in afternoon for motor but had no luck. Caught the 5 Pm ferry for Manly. Weather fair with fine rain at times. 4d tram fares 1/ telegram to Aunt Fran. 6d for Drink Met my old Mate at 7 P,m & left at 9.30.Pm. To bed at 10.30 Pm. 25/5d Exs.

Up betimes 7 Am. & address Xmas Cards to S. Everett. R.W. Stiles. & J Glasgow > & posted<. Caught the 8.45 Am boat for town & straight to the dentists & had teeth stopped & drilled. very agonizing. Then took morning motor lesson which lasted 5 mins. & then had dinner. 9d To Garage at 2 Pm. but car up for repairs so learnt nil, left there at 3.20 Pm for ferry, had a gargle on the way 3d & paper 1d. Left per 4 Pm ferry for Manly. Have to look out for ones pockets now as the pick pockets are very numerous. Met my old mate at 6,45 P.m. & left her at 9.15 Pm To bed at 10 Pm Mosquitoes very numerous & unbearable.

Up at 7 oclk, on account of toothache & for stroll up Corso. Had a shave 4d bought writing block 6d & paper 1d. Wrote & posted letter to Aunt Fran. & Dad.. Caught the 10.45 Am boat to town & on arrival took my motor lesson. drove round town a bit & then had tea & brown bread at Teagues, Elizth st. To. Dentist at then. Alfred Croker. Elizabeth st, & had some offending teeth seen to. & Made appointment for the morrow. Called on Mr Dickson at 4 Pm. Had reversing lesson from 2 Pm & lecture on the Engine. To stationers & bought Xmas cards & views 2/ & 1/3. Caught tram for Quay after having called at Railway Central station for Information. Caught 4.45 Pm boat for Manly. Met my mate at 7.20 Pm. & left her at 9.15 Pm. & to bed at 10.30 Pm. Weather fearfully hot. Met Barney alias C. Ellery. On arrival at Manly & had gargle 9d. 10d for tea 2d tram fare 5/11 Exs.

Up at 8 Am. & took a stroll down Corso & on to Ocean beach. Was very amused at the performances of a fat old dame with white hair who was entering the briny in a very cautious manner. Had tea & cakes 1/ & then caught the 10.45 boat for town & took my first motor lesson at 11.57 & finished at 12.3 Pm. Then to G.P.O. & tourist dept, Martin place to enquire of the quickest rout (sic) to Tallangatta Victoria. Sat in Hyde park till 1.40 Pm. & then to garage for lecture & & (sic) had reversing lesson at 3.45 Pm. Called at G.P.O. again afterwards but N.Z. mail not through. Bought a new hard hat 10/6. which I needed very badly. as my old one is threadbare. 1d for paper & caught the 4.45 Pm boat for Manly. Had a bath on arrival & lie down later. Met my mate at 7.15 P.m. Had a gargle together 9d. Left her at 9.15Pm & to bed my self at 10 P,m. 10.6 1 1 9 12.4 Exs

Got a letter from G.P.O delivered to me in Manly this morning trying to extract 15/ for carrage (sic) of telegram from me. Up at 8 Am. & caught the 9.15 boat to town then made straight to Garage. Weather middling & drizzling rain. took my morning motor lesson at 12.15 P,m. & then had dinner at American Cafe 9d. after which I sat in the domain till 1.30 & then to Garage again to hear lecture & have reversing lesson which I did at 3.38 P.m. Blowing hard N.E. & clouds of dust on town. Caught the 4.15 P,m. boat for Manly. & on arrival I had a bath, got my washing 7d & had a shave & haircut 1/ 3d for soda drink & 1d paper. Got a letter from Aunt Fran at Town. P.O. today & also enclosed was a £1 postal note & 1/ in stamps. Had tea in evening at Manly 6d & 8d to mate. & to bed at 9.45 P.m. 2/6 for weekly ticket 3/10 Exs. 2/6 6.4 Exs. £1 from Aunt Fran

To town per 10.15 boat. Weather hot & sultry. In botanical Gardens till 12.45 Pm & then made for England Cafe George st & had dinner 9d. Paid another visit to the Art Gallery & studied the many beautiful pictures, “The end of a dream” & Food for Powder” being my favourites. (sic) Heavy squall from the Southard (sic) at 1 Pm. which enveloped the city in dense clouds of dust. Spent the rest of the afternoon in the domain listening to the speakers of which there >are< dozens every sunday spouting on every subject imaginable from the .“War”. to the “devel” (sic) & “heaven”. It is really amusing to listen to some of them as they get so excited. Caught the 4.15 Pm ferry for Manly. The harbor is whipped into foam & the numerous yachts look very beautiful dashing along with their lee decks awash. 1d paper & 3d for drink of fizz. Met my mate at 7.20 Pm & dispensed with her company at 9 Pm & to bed at 9.30 P.M. Suffering from toothache & headache off & on all day. 1/1 Ex s.

Temperature in town at 2 P.m. 104° In Manly 106° 1d for band Up at 7.30 Oclk. My mate called on me early & gave me news which I needed. Weather exceedingly hot & oppressive. To town per 9 Am boat. Waited in Elizabeth st for Motor car from 10 to 11 Am. & then proceeded to workshop & found there had been an accident & car laid up. To Y.M.C.A. then & had dinner there with Mr Dickson & then we both proceeded to La Perouse with the object of having a dip. The heat is awful & we had to keep the doors in the tram car closed to keep out the hot draft. Arrived there at 3.15 Pm in a semi state of collapse & needless to say we lost no time in selecting a nice quiet spot & plunging into the briny which was a real treat. Had a drink of fizzy together 1/ & then caught car for city & arrived there nearly dead with the heat. Left my friend at Y.M.C.A. & then I called at G.P.O. & got a letter from Kate, Then to Teagues & got some cake & had a cup of tea 1/1d. Caught the Ferry then at 6.45 for Manly. & arrived safely. Heat awful 106° in Corso. but a welcome southerly came at 8 Pm & the change was remarkable. & nice & cool. Paid Mrs McIntosh 6/ rent in advance & to bed at 9.30 Pm. suffering from acute toothache. 8/2 Ex,s.

Up at 8 A.m. & to Corso & had a shave 4d & then caught the 9.30 boat for town, Noticed Viola Everett in Bridge street up near the gardens. Put in an hour in the gardens & then to town & got some cakes 6d which I ate in the Botanical Gardens later. Took a walk to Glebe via Pyrmont bridge, the Locality is the very basest imaginable. One girl was in the street with her breasts bare. washing hanging across the streets & etc & children hungry & very dirty & unkempt. Returned at 4 Pm & called at U.S.S. Co. to see Mr Dickson but he was out. Called at G.P.O. but no letters, Caught the 4.45 Pm ferry Bingarra & arrived at Manly all safe & sound. Weather fearfully hot & thunderstorm in evening but little rain. Saw My Mate at 7.15 Pm & left her at 8.15 Pm then to room & bed. Paper 1d News to hand the Nurnburg (German Cruiser) [Nürnberg] has been sunk. 11d ex’s

Up at 8 oclk, got my washing 7d & then caught the 10.45 boat for town Took my morning lesson 12.14 Pm to 12.30 Pm. & then had dinner 9d. to Motor Garage at 2 Pm for lecture & then to Phillipp lane Bent st for reversing lesson. Finished at 4 Pm. then had a drink 3d & bought a paper 1d Caught the Manly boat at 4.20 Pm & on arrival called at Manly P.O. & got a photo from Kate. Took washing. pair of trousers & shirt to laundry to day, 6d for stamps. German cruisers Scharnhorst, Leipsig, (sic) [Liepzic] & Gneisanau reported sunk off Falkland Islands. Met my mate at 7.15 Pm. & left her at 8.P.m. & to bed after a stroll down the Corso at 9.10 Pm. Got a letter from Aunt Fran, Wrote & posted letter to J Glasgow, Dad & Kate. Weather hot & sultry 2/2. Ex’s.

Up at 7 A.m. Weather clear & fine Had a refresher beneath the shower. Had a shave 4d & got my washing. Caught the 10.15 Am boat for town. Met the Motor man & took my morning drive & lesson which lasted from 12 Am. to 12.20 Pm. Had dinner then, To works again for the afternoon lecture at 2 P.m. but did not understand much. Reversing lesson at 2.45. Pm finished at 3 Pm. then for stroll down George st & Met my mate at 3.20 Pm. Called at Union Steamship office & saw Mr Dickson. went to GP.O. then & my mate sent a wire, after which we had some tea & scones at Teagues, Elizabeth st. Then to Botanical Gardens & rested till 6.30 P.m. To Sargents Pitt st afterwards & had tea & pies. My mate rather queer. Caught the 8.30 Pm boat. “Barrenjoey” for Manly & duly arrived. Saw my mate home & to bed myself at 10 Pm. 9d wire 3d Lol. 1/ tea 1/3 tea 4d fare 6d roll 9d dinner 4d shave 1d tram fare 1d band 5/5 expenses

Beer has gone up to 1/ per bottle. Hitherto it has only been 6d & 4d per glass over the bar which used to be 3d Posted letter to Aunt Fran Up at 7.30 Oclk & caught the 8.45 Am boat for town 1d for paper. To the Motor school & had to wait till 10.45 Am when I took another lesson & drove down the principle thoroughfares in town. finished lesson at 11.45 Am. Then to the Museum College st & spent a very pleasant hour. looking at the different & beautiful collections. Had tea & bread at 12.45 at Teagues Pitt st. 5d. After which I called at G.P.O. & got 1 paper from Kate. Another lesson & lecture in afternoon on reversing & etc. from 2 Pm to 3.30 Pm. 9d for papers etc. Caught ferry at 4.40 Pm for Manly. Called at Japanese Laundry but my washing not ready. Called at P.O. & got letter from Kate. then to Lodgings. at 6 Pm.. Sat by the sea & watched the lights twinkling on the harbor for a while & saw her homewards at 9 Pm. & to bed myself at 9.30 Pm. Weather beautiful & fine. Clean & starlight night. Annoying toothache all day. 1/3 expenses

Up at 8 Am. Weather miserable. Caught the 9.15 boat for town took weekly ticket 2/6 Raining heavily in town when I got to the Quay. Had morning tea 5d & dinner 9d. To Hotel Grand Central at 1 Pm to see Mr Poole but he was not in. Then to Surrey Motor school. & decided to take a course, Paid £3. 3/ for fee & 2/6 for book. Started learning this afternoon after first having obtained a Police permit to learn 2/6. Had tuition till 4 P.m. Then I wandered down to the Quay once more. Bought bananas 6d on the way & ate them all. Caught the 6,20 Pm. ferry for Manly & arrived at 7 P,m. Met my old mate at 7.15 Pm. & saw her home at 8 Pm. To Smiths timber yard then & got my old clothes. Raining dismally. & to bed at 9.30 P.m. 4d for shave 1d for paper Suffering from toothache. & several of my back teeth very badly gone. £3.12.7d expenses.

Arose at 8.30 Oclk & for stroll to Beach which was a seething mass of bathers from one end to the other. Weather fine but heat awful. Caught ferry for town at 10.45 Am. Had a hot dinner at Old England Cafe 9d & then to Botanical Gardens where I enjoyed the cool breeze beneath the trees, to Y.M.C.A. service at 3.15 Pm & in Mr Dicksons company I enjoyed the singing & sermon exceedingly. Met several New Zealanders there. Was also shown over the building, the Gymnasium being the chief feature, being the best in Sydney. Had tea there & also delivered a speech thanking the members for their hospitality. Left there at 6 Pm & then to Grand Central Hotel to see Mr Poole but found him out, so left a note for him. Caught the 7.15 Pm ferry for Manly which was over crowded. Did not enjoy the music on board. Had cup of tea on arrival on beach 6d & to bed at 9 Pm. 1d paper 1d W.C. 3d collection at YMCA. 8d ferry fare

Up at 8 A.m, Rats got away with my candle during the night, Mosquitoes also had a strenuous night. Paid Mrs McIntosh 6/ for rent of room in [advance] Sat on Ocean beach till 11 P.M. & watched the surfers & then started off on foot for Mosman at 25 past 11 A.m. Very hot & sultry. Arrived at Mosman ferry after a hot & dusty walk at 1.15 Pm. & arrived at Circular Quay at 1.45 Pm. Met my old mate at Manly shed ferry on Quay at 3.25 Pm. & then to G.P.O. Next we left for Centennial Park when we took & had tea together beneath the trees Left there at 6.10 Pm. for Y.M.C.A. where we arrived at 7 Pm. We both had a very enjoyable chat with Mr Dickson there who also gave me the £2.19.6 which he had kindly cashed for me. My mate feeling very unwell & stiff in arm & leg. so we caught the 8.15 Pm boat for Manly & duly arrived. Saw my mate home at 9 Pm & to bed myself at 10 Pm. 10d tram fares. 10d ferry fares 4d shave 6d chocs. 6d cakes. 6d mangoes. 1d paper 9d tea at Centennial Park. 3d drink 10/7

£1.14.6 my pay Up at 7.30 Am. & caught the Burra-bra at 10.30 Am for town, Weather fine & clear with fresh south east wind. Called at G.P.O. but got no letters. Had morning tea at Teagues 6d then caught the tram for Coogee 3d from Elizabeth st Junction. a very nice trip & it was lovely out there hundreds of men & girls deporting themselves in the breakers. It is very pretty & a popular seaside resort, Deck chairs with hoods can be had on the beach for 1d From there I walked along the coast to Long bay & there caught the tram at 25 mins to 4 Pm. 3d & arrived at Circular Quay at 4.15 & caught the Bellubera at 4.20 for Manly, Called at Yard & got the pay due to me. £1.14.6. Had a gargle with Barney 6d & then some tea 6d. Met my old mate at 7.20 Pm. & left her at 8.40 Pm. For a stroll to Ocean beach & wandered about the Corso & to bed at 10.30 Pm. Took washing to Japanese laundry Whistler st, 1d matches 2d papers 8d fares, 6d stamps. 3/5 expences (sic)

To work at 7.30 A.m. as usual. Weather bad & raining. Carting timber with Perce & Jack from wharf but after the first load I had a row with the boss Mr Smith who is no gentleman. He deliberately picked a quarrel with me, so I simply told him in a gentlemanly manner what I thought of him & got dismissed at dinner time. Called at GPO at 1 Pm & got a letter from Aunt Hetty, Mum, Mr Rayner. Sent a postal note for 15/6 to R.W.Stiles Nelson enclosed in a letter to him. Also wrote & posted letters to Kate & Mum in the afternoon. 6d for cakes for dinner. 4d for shave 6d drink & 3d peanuts. Met my old mate at 7 Pm & told her the news & left her at 8.15 Pm. For a walk along ocean beach & Corso & then to bed at 10 Pm. 17/1d expenses for day.

To work at 7.30 Am. Assisting with flitches (sic) on wharf all day. Weather fine & clear 6d for cakes for dinner which I did not enjoy, Wrote letter to R.W. Stiles & Kate to night. Met my old mate at 7.45 Pm. & for a tramp together. Lovely moonlight night. clear & brilliant. Harbor looks glorious from Fairlight street, The lights twinkling across the harbor & the numerous ferry boats plying to & from Manly, together with the searchlights flying flashing across the heads. causes a very animated effect. Left my old mate at 8.45 Pm. & to bed at 9.30 Pm. 6d expense for day.

Money to date £14.4.10 To work at 7.30 Am. Weather fine & clear. Killing time in morning in the yard & assisting Perce & Jack on wharf with the flitches (sic) in afternoon. Barney out with the sick or scabby horse to day 6d cakes for my dinner & 4d for shave. 3d for drink & 6d for bottle beer. Met Mrs X at 7.30 Pm. & left her at 9.15 Pm. Glorious night clear & moonlight. Had 3d given me for a tip today from a carpenter who has been at work in yard all day. Spent the 3d for lotion as it was given me as such. To bed at 10 Pm. 1/10d expenses for today £14.4.1d

Up at 6.30 Am & to work at 7,30 Weather fair but cloudy. Perce reinstated & has been carting all day. Also a new carter started in Mick’s place. 6d for cakes for my dinner, Met my old mate at 8 P.m. & left her at 8.30 P.m. Took a stroll down Corso & viewed the breakers Glorious night & bright moonlight. Sidliz (sic) (Seidlitz) powder before retiring Retired at 9 30 Pm.

Up at 8 Am. & for a stroll to the breakers & watched the surf bathers & other characters which are a study in themselves. To town per 11.15 Am ferry had dinner at Coffee Palace George st 9d then called on S A Dickson & left my note for £2.19.6 for him to cash for me. which he very kindly promised to do. Took a strolled (sic) to domain. & was very interested in the various speakers. The Domain is worth a visit on Sundays, if only to listen to the remarkable characters lecturing. Attended the Y.M.C.A. service in afternoon (which was very good indeed) after which I took a walk to Redfern. & slums. Noticed two young ladies powdering themselves in the street (George st) in a very deliberate manner. Had tea at Old England Cafe 9d 1d for band on ferryboat, 6d rubbish. Caught the 7.15 Pm boat for Manly & met an old shipmate from the Amra there on. To bed at 8.30, P.m. 8d ferry fares Sidlitz (sic) (Seidlitz) powder before retiring

Gave Mrs. (J) Another £1 which makes £13 To work at 7.30. Killing time most of morning. Boss in a fearful rage with Mick & Perce for not getting the timber in quick enough. Sacked them both. He shook like a jellyfish in his rage & said he knew they were loafing all the time, which also insinuates that I have been doing like wise. Had drink with Barney at Grand Pier which soothed our feelings. To town per 3.15 Pm ferry Met X at seat & got a note from her. (to receive her letters), Called at Y.M.C.A. to see Mr Dickson but found him out Then to P,O. & got letters 1 from Kate & Postal order for £2.19.6 from G.P.O. Brisbane. Had tea at Old England Cafe 9d. then called at Y.M.C.A. again but Mr Dickson had not arrived. 6d for Chocs. 8d fare 1d paper 2d loaf Left per 6.20 boat & arrived at Manly at 7.P.m. Met X at 7.20 Pm & left her at 8.47 Pm. For a stroll down Corso later & to bed at 10.15 Pm. 3d for beggar

Weather fine but cool at times. At work with Perce & Mick all morning & killing time in the yard in afternoon. Frank the Pommey drunk at dinner time & made a fool of himself generally. The Boss Mr Smith assisted us in with a load this morning, which we did in 35 mins,. Received my wages this evening £2.14. 6/ to Mrs McIntosh for rent of room, 4d for shave, 9d for tea & cakes Met my old mate at 8 Pm. & left her again at 9 P,m. Heavy southerly squall at Midnight

To work at 7.30 A.m Blowing a fierce southerly & weather very cool Assisting Perce & Mick on the wharf all day, carting timber to Mill, 3 loads Wrote & posted letter to Kate. Met Mrs Joyce at 8 P.m & had lunch with her on sea front. Left her at 9 Pm & took a walk by my self, Weather cold & I’m using my overcoat. To bed at 9.30 Pm. 3d for peanuts,

Up & to work at usual hour. Weather hot & fine. Assisting Perce & Mick all day carting from the wharf. 3 loads. 6d for my dinner. Teriffic (sic) squall of torrential rain & wind, sou-westerly at 3 Pm. which lasted an hour drenching everyone. The A.V.S.N Co’s “Kanowra” which was anchored in Quarantine broke adrift & drifted out into the harbor, & the shipping was temporarily dislocated. Met Mrs Joyce at 7.45 Pm & for a short walk & had lunch & a bottle of beer which made my mate tiddly. Left Mrs J- at 8,45 Pm. & to bed at 9 P.m. Very heavy southerly wind squall at 11 P.m. which made things very lively. 3d for envelopes & 1/3 for beer

To work at 7.30 Am. & to wharf to help Perce & Mick ( all day) cart flitchers (sic) to the mill, Weather fickle heavy shower in morning & showery all day, Only took 3 loads to mill to day. My finger very bad & is festering. Bathed it in hot water this evening. Met my old mate at 6.30 Pm. She had just returned from Sydney. Sat round by Gents Bathes, & saw her home at 8.45 P.m. Called at yard & got my umbrella which I’d forgotten at 8. P.m. To bed at 9.30 Pm. 6d spent on cakes for my dinner

To work at 7.30 Am. Weather fine in morning but heavy rain squall in evening at 5 Pm. Assisting to get timber on top of Pacific Hotel in morning till 10Am & had the misfortune to get my right fore second finger jambed (sic) beneath a(l) 12 x 2 which tore the nail off. It is very painful & I can hardly write now. Helping Mick & Perce in afternoon on wharf. Met my old mate in a heavy rain squall at 7.30 Pm. Raining hard & thundering & lightning till late at night. Sat on the Ocean beach with Mrs Joyce who gave me tea. Left her at 8.30 Pm & to bed myself at 10 P.m. still raining hard. 6d for my dinner Feet very sore beneath.

Up at 8.30 oclk. & Met Mrs Joyce at 9.30 A.m. & left per 9.45 boat for town from there we walked to Centennial Park via Oxford street. Had tea on the way 1/, & then strolled to the Park which was very pleasant, Had dinner beneath the trees in a secluded spot. Got a tray of tea & bottle of fizzy from the Kiosk 9d. Laid on the grass in the shade all the afternoon & discussed out future intentions, Left Centennial Park at 5 Pm. & walked into City – Called on Y.M.C.A to see Mr Dickson but found him out. Had tea at Empire Cafe Pitt st. 2/ & then caught the 7.15 Pm boat & duly arrived at Manly, fares to & fro 1/4. 1d for paper. Mrs Joyce rather bad with pains in her interior so we hastened up the hill as she was in great agony, Saw her home & then feeling rather anxious about her I returned to lodgings at 8.30 Pm & to bed at 9 Pm 5/ from Mrs Joyce

Up at 6.30 Am. Weather fine & hot. Mosquitoes awfully annoying during the night. To work at usual hour. Working with Perce & Mick all morning. Had a shave 4d & got my washing 2/6 Met Mrs Joyce at 12.15 Pm & we had lunch under the trees here. then caught the 3.15 Pm Ferry for town. Very hot up till 2.30 then a terrific southerly cold & dusty sprung up. The little racing boats looked beautiful as they dashed past close reefed. Arrived & called at G.P.O. I got a letter from Kate. Had my hair cut 9d. the Barber was a damn scamp & did his best to trap me, but was unsuccessful. Had dinner at Walkers Park st. & was very amused with the very solemn looking waiter who looked as though “he wondered why he had ever been born”, Left per 8,30 Pm ferry & duly arrived at Manly. Days expenses. 1/4 ferry fare, 2/3 dinner 1/3 drinks 6d tea 6d cake. 1d paper. 1/ lollies 1/3 beer 2/6 washing 4d shave, 1d tram fare 9d haircut 2d loaf 5/ Mrs Joyce 6d stamps 1d for lolly, 6d sidlitz (sic) (Seidlitz) powders

To work at 7.30 Am. Weather fine & hot. Clearing up all the morning & helping Perce & Mick on the wharf in the afternoon, Had dinner at Perce’s & Mick’s expence. (sic) Got Paid to night £2.14. Indulged in the luxury of a glass of stout 3d & spent 4d on cake of soap. 3d stout 1/ Mrs J’s watch chain. 1/ sardines 1d paper. Met my old mate at 7.15 Pm & for a walk, left her again at 8.40 Pm. & then I called at Shellsells Corso & got Mrs Joyces watch chain which I’d taken there to be mended To bed at 10 P.m.

To work at 7.30 Pm., Rainy looking in morning with sharp showers but cleared up in afternoon. Killing time most of the day, Perce & Mick gave me my dinner. Met Mrs Joyce at 7.30 Pm, & had a short [walk] left her again at 8.45 Pm. Posted letter to Kate this evening to bed at 9.30 Pm. Tormented by mosquitoes throughout the night. wiped my face with Eucalyptus but to no avail.

To work at usual hour. Weather cold throughout the night & early morning. but got hot again at 10 Am. & onwards. Got in a good days work. & the last of the Origan (sic) Pine scantlings came in to day. Took my washing to Japanese laundry in Whistler st this evening. 4 collars 1 suit Pyjamas 1 shirt & two white coat(s) got ticket for same. 6d for cakes for dinner 1d for paper. Met my mate Mrs Joyce at 7 Pm. who as usual brought me a big bag of eatables which saves me an awful lot during the week. Left her at 8.40 Pm & to bed myself at 9,P,m

To Toil at 7.30 Weather fine but scorching in morning from about 5 to 9 Am. Cooler in afternoon, & heavy rainstorm at 4.45 Pm. Clearing up rubbish most of the day. Met Mrs Joyce at 7.10 Pm. who as usual brought me my tea. a big baked potato & meat sandwiches. Left her again at 10 to 8 Pm, & took a stroll down Corso & sat by the beach to watch the wild waves play, To bed at 9,P.m, Quite cold to night & I had to use my top coat.

To work at usual hour 7,30 oclk Clearing up all the morning, & helping Perce & Mick cart hardwood to the mill all the afternoon. Knocked off work at 20 to 6 Pm. 6d for my dinner. My shoulders very sunburnt & sore as the result of wearing my new net shirt. Met Mrs Joyce in evening at 7 Pm who as usual bought me my tea. How good of the poor old soul. Left her at 8,30 Pm. After having drunk a bottle of beer together 6d which I procured at the Pacific hotel. To bed at 9,30 Pm. Weather fine but very hot & sultry & sweltering in the evening. Thermometer 96°

Up at 9 AM. Suffering from insomnia rather badly. Awake all night. Weather fine but dreadfully hot. Moped about all day. Spent 6d on cakes for my dinner & 1d for a paper then laid down for a while under the trees on the ocean beach. Mrs Joyce & Jean called in the afternoon on their way to the baths opposite. Had a chat with them afterwards for an hour. then to my room. For a walk with Mrs Joyce & Jean in the evening. Had a drink with the Kid at Fairy Bower 6d & to bed at 8.30 Pm.

To work at 7.30. Morning exceedingly hot & spent a very restless night in bed. practically no sleep at all. To wharf in morning to help Perce & Mick. Had a beer with Barney at Pacific 6d & then had a lie down in afternoon. Caught to 3.15 Pm boat to town. Had tea at Old England Cafe which I did not enjoy. Called at Y.M.C.A. at 4 Pm to see Mr Dickson but found him out. Called at G.P.O. 2 letters from Kate & 1 from Aunt Fran at Tallangatta giving me news of Poor old Grandads death. I feel awfully upset in consequence. Caught 6.15 boat for Manly. & Met Mrs Joyce at 7.15 Pm who had a bag of Delicacies for me. My feet awfully sore. & I feel very wretched indeed. Sharp rain storm came on as we sat on the beach. Left Mrs J at 8.30 Pm & to bed but not to sleep at 10Pm. 1d tram fare 8d ferry fare 3d drink 1d paper.

To work at 7.30 Weather fine but exceedingly hot. Work a bit slack no as far as I’m concerned. Got paid today £2.14. Perce gave me dinner as usual. Had a dull headache all day which was caused by constipation I think. Had a shave at barbers (Howards) 4d To town with Mrs Joyce per 7.15 Pm boat. Purchased a shirt 2/ & had tea & scone 11d at Teagues. 6d bananas. 1/4 ferry fare. 4d bread & rissoles. Caught the 9.30 ferry & arrived after an uneventful run. Saw My mate home & to bed myself at 11, P,m.

To work at 7.20 A.m. Weather cloudy but fine. Perce gave me dinner. Wrote & posted letter to Dad, Kate, Rayner & Grandma. Stomach ache in the evening rum for remedy 3d. Met Mrs J at 7.30 who gave me some tea left her again at 8 Pm. Boss in a right rage to day over nothing. Had a stroll down Corso & sat on the beach till 9.30 Pm. 2d stamps 1d paper. 6d drink. Had a merry chat with Mrs & Miss McIntosh on the verandah before retiring at 11 Pm

To work at 7.30 after first patching my old & rotted working shirt. Weather bad. cloudy & threatening & blowing hard, S.E. At work on wharf most of the day getting out 4 x 2 origan (sic) Showers of rain at times. Met Mrs Joyce at 6.30 Pm. (her afternoon off). & had dinner with her which we both enjoyed very much. ( at Continental Cafe. 3/. Then for a walk. Mrs J suffering from a bad cold. Left her at 9.15 Pm. & to bed at 10 oclk myself. Purchased a packet of candles so can now afford a pack the luxury of a light in the evening 6d. also 6d for cakes. ______________ Mrs J indisposed ______________ Sydney H. M. A. S. destroys German warship Emden,______________

Up at 6 oclk, & to work at 7.30 Am. Weather finer & bright, but very hot during the morning. Had dinner with Perce. Clouded over during the afternoon. Had a lotion with Barney & Alf. At 5 oclk. & then met my old mate at 7.20 Pm who gave me some tea as she usually does. Heavy thunderstorms broke over the town & district soon after 5 Pm. Lightening very vivid & rain severe & blowing a, S.E. gale. Had a stroll down Corso, & to bed at 9 P.m. 1d paper 3d drink

Up at 6.30. & had a frugal repast of brown bread & cake, disturbed considerably throughout the night by cats fighting close to my bed. To work as usual. Teriffic (sic) thunderstorm passed over the town at 2 Pm. & lasted an hour. Streets were flooded & torrential rain fell. Ceased work for 38 mins & we then resumed work as usual in the rain. Weather cleared towards evening. Met my old mate at 7.20 Pm who gave me tea & we also looked up a room in Ashburner st, but I decided not to take it as there was no shower bath & sickness was also in the house, Perce Elliot as usual gave me my dinner, so I only spent 1d for a paper to day. Left Mrs Joyce at 9 Pm & to bed myself at 9.30 Pm.

Arose at 8.30 A.m. & after sitting on the sea front for a time I adjourned to Mr Percy Elliott’s place Hill street (Re Invitation) Found it damn warm getting there. Had a long chat together & had dinner with him which I enjoyed very much. Left him at 2 P.m. after a hearty Invitation from Perce & his wife to call again. Met my old mate (Mrs J) at 2.30 & we both left for Fairy bower. & sat in the shade for the rest of the day. Purchased a pot of tea 6d which we took under the trees & had our tea which was very enjoyable. & cool. Left for home at 7 Pm. both very tired. Saw Mrs Joyce home at 8.20 Pm & then returned to lodgings. I was disturbed continuously last night by monstrous rats which helped themselves to some scones which Mrs J had given me. & scampered over me most of night. I no doubt will have to find fresh lodgings. To bed at 9 P.m. feeling very tired.

Up at 6 Am. Weather bad & raining. Packed up as I’m to be shifted to the verandah room to day. To work at 7.30 Am. Got in a good mornings work. Weather cleared in afternoon. Met my old mate & both caught the ferry for town. Had some afternoon tea on arrival at Teagues & bought some cake 1/8. Called at G.P.O, & got my mail, letter from the following 1 Dad 1 Glasgow 1 Kate 1 Dymock. Mrs J also called at Herald Office to see if there was any answer to her advertisement. Had tea at Corinthian Cafe George St. 2/ & then left per 6,20 boat for Manly. & duly arrived. Mrs J went to Smith to get her Mac & then we took a stroll round Fairy Bower, returning at 9.30 & to bed at 10.P.m. 3d bread & 6d apples.

Arose at 6.30 & to work at 7.30 Weather fair & a bit cloudy. Got in a good days work again. Perce gave me dinner again. Got my wages £2.14. Had a nip of rum on the way to lodgings, 6d. Also purchased some fish & chips 9d. Walked about manly till I got tired & weary. 9d drink & etc. To bed at 9 Pm. 6/ to Mrs MacIntosh for room.

Up at 6 Am. & wrote letters to Dad & Kate. To work at 7.30 Am Weather cloudy & not much wind. More timber coming in now thank god. Perce provided me with dinner again to day. Recommissioned (sic) my safety razor again to day. Met my old mate again at 7.P.m. & had a long tramp together. Had drink of tea at Continental Cafe 1/4 I had a drink of fizzy at Fairy Bower 4/ 4d Returned at 9.30 Pm. Posted letters to Dad & Kate. & to bed at 10.30 P.m.

To work at 7.30 Am. Weather fine but cloudy, Had my dinner given me by Perce to day which was very good of him. Carting palings with Perce most of the day. Fish & chips for my tea 9d. Walked down Corso & had a most enjoyable cup of tea & cakes at Continental Cafe 7d. bought a paper 1d & read the latest lies. Walked about till my legs & feet ached. & to bed at 8.30 Pm

To work at 7.30. On the wharf helping Perce cart palings most of the day. Weather cloudy during the morning. but a heavy shower came over during the afternoon, from 3 to 4.30 Pm. had a beer with Alf Barney & X at knock off time which I enjoyed. Cakes for dinner 6. Met Mrs Joyce in evening and for a walk to little Manly. Returned at 9.30 Pm. Had a good cup of tea together 1/ bought some groceries . 8½ d & 5½ d. Left Mrs Joyce at 10.10 Pm & to bed myself at 10.30 Pm. Lost my temper whilst shaving this evening & slashed my razor strop to pieces & pitched it away It only blunted it instead of sharpening it.

Up & to work at 7.31 along at the saw mill. fairly busy. day. 6d for cakes for my dinner. Weather cloudy & threatening, with rain in afternoon but not enough to cease operations. Had a miserable tea brown bread & a cake. Wet evening & very writched. (sic) (wretched) took a walk up & down the Corso & to bed at 8.15 Pm.

Up at 7 oclk after restless night. Weather changeable & cloudy. Very hot but no so bad as yesterday. Crowds deporting themselves in the breakers men women & children all mixed up together. Bought a sunday (sic) 2d & paper 1d Had morning tea & 3 small cakes & was charged the extortionate sum of 1/. Don’t intend to patronise (sic) that place again, To town per 3 P.m. boat & visited the Art Gallery once more & viewed the many beautiful pictures. Had tea 9d which I did not enjoy. Returned per 6.30 Pm boat, return fare 8d & duly arrived. Had a stroll down Corso & to bed at 8.P.m. feel tired & only middling with slight headache.

To work at 7.30 at Sawmill. Heat very great. Had shower at dinner time which cooled me a bit then I lay down & gasped till 3 Pm. Heat wave getting worse. Had an Icecream 6d & a beer 3d. then caught the 3.30 ferry for town (8d return) thinking I’d get out of the heat, but it was not to be. Saw the yacht race in progress but the warm N.W. wind was not enough to liven them up. Called at G.P.O. but got no letters, then called at Y.M.C.A. & spent a most enjoyable time in Stan Dickson’s company. Had tea with him there at his expense & then had a long & interesting chat. Left him & had a walk round at 8 Pm till 9 Pm. 1/ bananas 4d papers, 3d loaf, 6d Garlic sausage. Heat still very appressive (sic). Caught the 9.30 Pm ferry. On arrival at the Manly wharf the crowd was awful, & very bad management caused a block in the gangways, the boarding party let on board before the shore going party were let ashore. Had a stroll around as it was to (sic) warm to go to bed. People lying around in all shapes & manners. Women & children all mingled together on the beaches, & crowds in the water up till 11 Pm. To bed at 11.30 Pm

Awoke at all hours of the night & finally arose at 6.10 Am. Weather fine & clear Worked at sawn mill most of morning & in yard in afternoon. Very hot all day. one man collapsed in the street opposite the yard just before dinner. Got paid today £2.5.6d. Had a beer with Barney 6d. Dinner 6d. Cold shower & shave on arrival at lodgings. Started gambling, 1/ for sweep for Melbourne Cup. Guess that’s the last I’ll see of it. Met Mrs Joyce at 7 Pm. & for a stroll. had some tea & cake at Continental Cafe on returning 1/. Left Mrs J at 9.40 Pm & then to lodgings. Went out again later. had a glass of sodawater & to bed at 11 Pm. Evening lovely & cool, but bed uncomfortably warm. temperature in city at 11 Am. 88° 4.30 Pm. 94° [5m]. 4/10 of an inch mm 1/10 of a cm. I multiply the no of cm by 4 & tick off the last figure & you get the number of Inches

Up at 6 Am. & to work at .7.30 (. before 7 as written) Weather finer. Got a good days work in. The boss (Mr Smith) lost his temper most of morning & was very excited. In giving an exhibition of unloading timber. made an exhibition of himself by sprawling in the dirt, much to the amusement of all. Had tea at Esplanade Cafe 1/ which I enjoyed & then took a walk to the Ocean beach. & watched the breakers in their glory. Write & posted letters to Dad & Kate this evening. 6d dinner. 6d bread & saveloys. To bed at 8.30 Pm.

Up after a restless night & to work at 7.20 Slight shower at 6.30 Am. & weather cloudy & changeable. Nothing doing at all in the timber yard. so after drawing Mr Smith’s attention to the fact, I knocked off at 8.40 A.m. Sat on the ocean beach for a while & then adjourned to lodgings. 3d for lunch. Took 2.15 Pm boat for town took a short walk on arrival & then returned & met Mrs J at ferry at 3.15 Pm. who was surprised to see me. Called at P.O. but no letter. Had tea at 5 Pm. at Old England Café. & on returning via Gaulburn (sic) (Goulburn) Pitt Liverpool & Elizabeth st Mrs J had the great misfortune to lose her gold locket & trinkets. Our spirits fell to zero. at least Mrs Joyces did. We returned over the track we’d taken & I called at the Cafe. but no signs did we see of the missing trinkets. Called at Central Police station, where the officer in charge took numerous notes & left an advertisement with the Herald 2/. Returned to Manly per 7.30 boat, both very miserable. Left Mrs J at 8.20 Pm & to bed myself at 9. Pm.

To work at 7.30. Not much timber coming in now & hardly anything doing at all. Cakes from Buntings 7d for my dinner. Weather fine & hot but not so unbearable as yesterday. Made two trips to wharf in morning with Purce to get palings. Boot for repairs (to opposite Ellis’s yard) this morning & got them again in evening, soled & heeled 3/6 paid. Posted letter to Dymock (4 stamps included). Whereat, Benjamin, & Anderson, to night. Met Mrs Joyce at 7 Pm who seemed greatly worried over her sisters actions against her & her brothers. Left her again at 7.30 Pm. Then down Corso & got bottle beer 6d & peanuts 3d. & to bed at 8.30 Pm. stamps 1/.

To work at 7.30. Very hot morning indeed. My Mate Barney I found groaning in a state of collapse in the W.C. suffering from dysentry. brought on through drinking volumes of cold water in the roasting sun. Bathed his head in cold water & gave brandy for treatment. He improved by 1 oclk. & resumed work. Wearing out my socks on the dirt as my boots are done. Had tea on Esplanade 1/ Met Mrs Joyce at 7.30 P.m. & for short walk. left her at 8.45 pm & to bed myself at 9.15 P.m. Weather got a bit cooler towards 2.30 Pm as a southerly wind sprang up. 6d cakes for dinner. 10/ from Mrs J out of my money. 1d paper

Up at 8 A.m. had something to eat & then took a walk to the top of hill & Met Mr Dilling (Mrs Joyces brother) as previously arranged. & both adjourned to his section where he is preparing to build. Helped him a bit to shift some sand. He seems a decent sort, but for all that not the sort I care much for. although he promised to help me. Met Mrs Joyce at 2.30 Pm. & both to town together 8d. took tram to park at 4d (double fare on Sundays) & then to the beautiful art Gallery where we admired many of the lovely paintings. Bought apples. 9d. Had tea together at Old England cafe. 1/6 & then walked down George st & to Quay. Caught the 7.30 boat for Manly which was densely 8d crowded. in fact we could hardly breathe. the crowd was so great. Sat down on arrival by Gentlemens baths & enjoyed the sights of the harbor in the moonlight. Had drink 6d & then saw Mrs Joyce home at 9.45 Pm. & to bed at 10.10 Pm. Mrs J Had the good fortune to find 3d on the seat on the ferry boat

To work at 7.30. Weather fine & clear but very hot indeed. Half holiday to day from midday. Left for town per 3.45 Pm boat. Witnessed the yacht race (22 footers) rounding the buoy off Chowder bay Quite a treat & brought back old times to my memory. Sydney very full of a lot of exceedingly motly (sic) crowd of men. At least so it struck me. Had tea at Old England Café. 9d & then made for G.P.O. but got no letters. Caught 6.20 boat for Manly & duly arrived. Met my mate at 7.30 & left her again at 7.45. Purchased a bottle of the local poison (beer) & went to my room & drank the lot which did me no harm then to bed at 9.30 oclk Pm. 3d soda 1d paper 8d fare 3d brown loaf.

Up at 6.15 Am. & to work at 7.30 Weather lovely but warm. Am getting very sunburnt. (sic) Fair days work. finished carting the origen (sic) pine from the wharf, jambed (sic) my finger rather badly & bruised my foot. Got paid to day 31/9d 3d dinner. 8 ½ soap & bread 5d protectors & (f)bootlaces, 3d rum. Met my mate at 6.50 Pm & for a walk along the ocean beach. Then saw her safe >home< at 9 Pm. To bed my self at 9.30 P.m. 6/ Mrs Macintosh for room

Up at 6 Am & to work at 7.30 Fine day but exceedingly hot. Stowing timber all day. Made a journey to wharf with Mr Charlesworth’s motor lorry to get a load of Origan (sic) pine. Met my mate at 7.30 Pm & left her again at 7.50 Pm. Then to Corso & bought peece (sic) of cheese & platters, 10½ d had a good tea at esplanade Cafe 1/. Very amusing incident took place on the Corso this evening. Some gentleman eveddently (sic) taken to speechifying produced a box [on this] in the middle of the street & commenced a speech. about which I know-not. A crowd soon gathered & arguments soon followed. The Police requested the gent to close the meeting which he refused to do. but was dragged away by (apparently a friend of his) & so saved further trouble. Roars of laughter greeted the termination of the meeting. To bed at 10.30 Pm.

Up at 6.30 Am Weather very much finer indeed. Got a good days work in at the timber yard. Left boots & note for Mrs Joyce to take to town this afternoon Wrote & posted letter to Kate in evening. Met my Mate who retuned from Sydney town at 7 Pm. who also brought my boots repaired 4/6. Then to tea rooms but got disgusted with the tea which was nothing more than hot water or belly wash so tried another place & had coffee with ginger bread & scones which was better 1/ My mate also endeavoured to purchase a crochet needle. but could not. or the shop was open but they would not sell her one because it was after 6 Pm. Had a walk for a bit & left my mate at 9.55 Pm & to bed myself at 10.30. Posted letter to Dad to night referring to Postel (sic) note. 3d peanuts Mrs Joyce gave me £1 out of the £6 she has is keeping for me.

Up at 6.15 to the sound of heavy rain. Went along to work at 7.30 but as no timber had come into the yard there was nothing for me to do, so sat on the beach all the morning & watched the breakers which was a treat. Called again at the yard at 1 Pm but still no timber had arrived so as it looked a bit finer I left for town. Decided to walk. to Mosman. & started off at 1.55 Pm took me not an hour to walk to the Spit which is Middle Harbor & arrived at the Mosman bay ferry at 3.20 Pm. The walk was quite a treat & a change. Took ferry to town 2d. Called at P.O. & got 2 letters 1 from Henry Marks & Co Suva Fiji & 1 [from] Kate at Hotel Windsor Wgtn. Had tea at Teagues 5d. & then caught 5.25 Pm boat for Manly 4d bought a loaf 2d. Met My Mate at 7 Pm & had a walk together & a growl. & to bed at 9, P.m. The tram now runs all the way from Manly to Mosman & Nth Sydney, which is convenient indeed.

Did not rise till 8 oclk on account of bad weather & continuous heavy rain. feel better today then last night in body. Sea heavy on beach. Left for Sydney town at 10 A.m. Raining heavily when we arrived but cleared towards dinner time. Had dinner at Old England Cafe. 9d & then to P.O. but got no letters. Called & saw Mr Stan Dickson & made arrangements for him to get my letters. Left per 2 Pm boat for Manly. Weather a bit finer but heavy sea running through the heads it was a magnificent sight to see some of the ferry boats pass with the spray flying high over their bridges. Started work in the timber yard at 3 Pm & got in 2 hrs work. heavy rain again in the evening. Got some fish & chips for tea 9d. & then met my mate who brought me some hot pie & all sorts of other eatables (sic). Left her at 8.15 Pm. Fish bone stuck in my throat which is worrying me a bit. To bed at 8.45. P.M. 1d paper

Up at 9 am encouraged by a few rays of sunshine but was disappointed as rain set in at 10 oclk. Blowing hard easterly & big sea swooping through the heads. Saw the big troopship Argyllshire leave, & she presented a splendid spectacle as she forged through the heads plunging bows under. Left for Sydney town at 12.15 P.m. Heavy rain all the time I was there. Had cup of tea & scones at Sargeants (sic) on Quay which revived me a little & left for Manly at 1.30 P.m. having done nothing & seen no one. Heavy showers rain continuously during afternoon making everything very unpleasant, 6d tea & 6d dates. Latest war news 4 German destroyers sunk, Two more troopships left at 5.30 Pm. & the ferry boats cock a doodledo’d as they passed them. Heavy rain again Met My old mate at 7 Pm. & she gave me lots. Saw her home & to bed at 8 oclk. Symptoms of a headache approaching.

Heavy rain all day Troopship Miltrades left tonight Shocking bad day. woke to the sound of very heavy rain. Got up & walked along to timber yard in spite of rain but saw no signs of life so returned to room at 7.40 Am. Wet foot. & feeling generally dampened. Left for Sydney town at 9.30 oclk. & had dinner at Old England Cafe George st 9d & then retuned to Manly. Weather & sea very rough crossing the heads which caused the boat to gyrate somewhat. Had a long discourse with Mrs McIntosh on the verandah during afternoon & I left for town again at 5 Pm. Called at P.O. on arrival & got 1 letter from Dad forwarded on from Queensland. Returned per 6.20 boat & Met my old Mate coming down the hill in spite of the heavy rain, with food for me Had cup of coffee together 6. feel very weak & squirmish (sic) so got a bottle of rum 9d saw my mate home & then to bed after taking a copious draught of rum. Boots full of rain all day.

Up & to work at 7.30 oclk. Stacking timber all day. At sawmill all morning & in yard in afternoon. Got my pay to night 33/9 Paid Mrs Mcintosh (sic) 6d for room. Had tea at Manly 1/ & then met Mrs Joyce at 7 Pm. who brought me all sorts of dainties to eat, To town together & had a fair time saw the procession of decorated motor cars in connection with the battle of flowers carnival. Had tea 10d at Teagues bought a billy 5 ½, cakes 6d. 7d & left per 9.45 Pm boat for Manly. Musical party on board which amused my mate not a little singing “it’s a long way to Tiparary”. (sic) Weather fair with rain in afternoon. To bed at 11 Pm. 1d paper

Up at 6 Am. & had a bit of lunch in my room & left at 7 Am for work. Had a good days work & am feeling more fit allready (sic), only I’m suffering badly from constipation Weather bad with a very cold wind & rain in afternoon. Wrote & posted letter to Kate addressed letter to Wgtn N.Z. Stacking timber all day. work very easy going indeed. Met Mrs Joyce at 7 P.m. who brought me lots to eat. & then I caught the 8.15 P.m. boat to town. Blowing very hard. S.W. & lumpy sea. Got my razor & bought a strop 7/ the lot 11d bread & etc Caught 9.30 boat on a pinch & arrived all safe & sound at 10.5 Pm. & to bed at 10.30 P.m. 3d 3d mate Heavy thunderstorm in afternoon.

Start work at Ellis’s timber yard Up at 6.30 Am & left for work at Ellis’s saw mill at 8 oclk. Met Mrs Joyce first & gave her instructions to receive letters & money which she did. Had a fair day at work stacking timber, Company congenial. Very hot in morning but heavy rain in afternoon. Had dinner at work, thanks to my old mate Mrs J. Knocked off at 5 P.m. & caught tram for Manly 2d & then to town per 5.40 Pm boat & Met Mrs Joyce on Quay who had got the £2 for me alright, then both to Corinthian Cafe & had a hearty tea 2/ Walked up George St & Down Pitt st, Left my old razor for repairs in town at 206 Pitt st. 6d cucumber & brown bread. 6d beer Left Sydney per 8.30 Pm boat & duly arrived! Saw Mrs J safe home & to bed at 10.10. P.m. 3d meat.

To town at 11.15 A.m. & had dinner 9d then for a walk to Centennial Park where I sat down & viewed the scenery till 3.20 Pm. when I returned to town via Oxford st. Called at P. Office & got 1 letter from Kate also £2 money order which was inclosed (sic) No 9000. Sat in Botanical Gardens till 5 Pm. & caught 5.25 Pm Manly boat. Met Mrs Joyce at 7.45 Pm who announced that she’d got me a job at Ellis’s timber yard. 1/ beer 1d paper 1d W.C. & 9d To bed at 10.30 P.m.

To town per 11.15 am boat & had dinner at old England Café 9d. Called at G.P.O. but got no letters, then made tracks for Botanical Gardens & sat down till 3 oclk & then returned to Manly. Went for a stroll right round beach till I came to a cliff right on the Ocean the view from here was very fine returned to lodgings at 5.30 Pm. For a short walk in evening with my mate & to bed at 9.45 Pm. 3d for stamp 6d stout 1d paper. Posted letter to Runa to day.

Did very little to day. Weather bad Heavy showers most of day. Met Mrs Joyce at 2 P.m. & for a walk to seaside & back. Went to town in morning catching 9.30 Am boat & returning per midday boat. Everything very miserable. soles of boots are worn out & I’m wearing out my socks on the pavement. Met my mate again at 6.30 Pm & for walk. Also got a great surprise to day, by meeting an old Fiji acquaintance Mr Allan whom I knew in Suva. Met him awaiting the tram in Manly here. Kept in food by My mate all day. To bed at 9 P.m. 6 tea 1d paper.

To town at 9 A.m. after a stroll with X. Weather bad with heavy showers at intervals throughout the day. Had cup of tea & bread at Teagues. 5d & dinner 9d. Called at Surrey Motor school & got particulars & etc. Met Mr Dickson on way to ferry & caught 2 Pm ferry for Manly. Got one letter to day from R. W Stiles Nelson. Had a walk along Corso & seaside. Bought few Groceries. 9d & stamps 3d. wrote & posted letter to Mr Brookie, Suva Fiji. & then returned to lodgings. Pains in my stomach which caused me to lie down. Met Mrs Joyce at 7.30 who brought me something to eat which was much appreciated as I’d had no tea. For a short walk together & myself to bed at 9 0clk P.M.

1 meal a day once more & Mrs J very kindly provides me with the rest. Up at 7.15 oclk. & Met Mrs Joyce, Left by myself for town per 9.15 boat. Sat in Botanical Gardens all morning & had dinner 9d. bought 2 papers 2d. & spent 3d on drink. Weather fine & clear but very sultry. 2 letters from Queensland 1 from Savage of Rubber Co 1 from Defence (sic) dept & 1 from Runa & 1 from Kate forwarded on from Brisbane, Money order for £3 from Runa, Enclosed order & forwarded it back to P Master Brisbane asking to have it made payable at Sydney. Posted same. Called on & had a chat with my old chum Stan Dickson. Threatening letter from Rubber Co trying to keep me to my agreement which I consider has been annuled (sic) by the steamer not leaving on 10th of August. Caught 4 Pm boat for Manly. Met Mrs J at 7 oclk & for a walk together on the Ocean Beach. Had a drink 6d. 6/ to Mrs McIntosh for room.

Up & to town at 8.10 Am. Called on Mr Gown of the rubber Co at appointed time 9 Am. Waited till 9.30 & as he did not put in an appearance, I left a note & then had some tea at Teague’s 5d, Left for Milson’s Point at 10.30 to See Mr Holmes boatbuilder Lavender Bay. Found him at work & pleased to see me as he also a New Zealander. Took my name & etc. Arrived back at Quay at 11.40 & then hastened along to the Huddart Parker wharf, to see Mr Poole & Mrs off by the Riverina for Auckland. Found them both in a great state over some missing luggage. Saw them off & then had dinner in George St 9d. Called at P.O. & then returned per 2 Pm boat to Manly. 6d stamps, 1d rubber, 2d ferry 3 ½ d dates. Posted letter card to Mr Dummer. 6d [Brauns]. to bed at 9 oclk.

To town per 9 oclk boat. & had a cup of tea 4d & cakes 6d. Answered two ads but no luck at all. as they were answered in overwhelming numbers. Called at G.P.O. Letter from Mr MJ [Young], 72 King street, which I answered at once. Also saw Mr & Mrs Percy Poole from Solomon Islands. made an appointment for evening with them. Returned to manly for 4.30 boat. Met Mrs J at 7. P.m. & we both left for town per 8 oclk boat. & Met Mr & Mrs Poole at Hotel Grand Central & had quite a long & pleasant chat with them. Had supper before we met them 1/6. tram & boat 1/2. 3d Sweets Left by 11 oclk Pm boat strolled homewards & to bed at 12.50AM. thoroughly tired out. Mrs J at work 2d papers

Arose at the modest hour of 8 A.M. Left in company of My Mate at 9 oclk for Sydney. Had morning tea at Teagues 10d & then for a walk up Oxford St where we saw the troops march past. Dense crowds of people everywhere. & in the dinner hour we could not get into a restraunt (sic) to get a cup of tea. Town blocked everywhere with people, & traffic generally, At last Mrs J thought of a place in George St. & we made for there & had a real good dinner 2/. Then to P.O. for letters. 1 letter from Kate. Mrs J - . got a letter from Mr Dymock of P.P. Brisbane asking where he’d send my letters. Replied by wire 1/. Caught the Manly boat at 3.15 P.m. & duly arrived. Left Mrs J at 4.30 Pm. Had a walk down Corso by self. Bought groceries. 1/6 ½. & then to bed at 8.30 oclk. Glorious day clear & hot.

Up at 9 oclk. & caught the 10 Am. Sydney boat. Had a very miserable time of it in town. Called at Y.M.C.A. to see Mr Dickson as per appointment at 12 oclk, but he did not turn up. Waited till 1.15 Pm. & as he still did not put in an appearance, I had dinner at Gillhams 7d which I did not enjoy. Things were mucky & dirty, & many drunks were there. Took a walk & laid down in gardens till 5 Pm. when I met Mrs Joyce at Quay. & together we left for Teagues where we had some tea which we did enjoy.10d in spite of my headache. Left per 6.45 boat for Manly. headache got very bad on the way. Took a tabloid & then for a walk along the ocean beach which looked very beautiful with the breakers rolling in & all being lit up with electricity. & moon shining brightly causing a beautiful effect, Left Mrs J at 9 Pm & to bed myself at 10 P.m.

Met Mrs J & her mother at 10 oclk & had a talk on the sea front for about 2 hours when they left for home. I left for town then & had dinner at Gillhams 7d, then left again at 2.30 for Manly. Great excitement in town, two German warships have bombarded Papeete & sunk the French gunboat Zeelee (Zélée). Wrote & posted letter to. Mr. W. E. Savage sec of Solomon Is rubber Co. Met Mrs J again at 5. P.m. & to town together & had tea 1/ returning per 7 P.m. boat. Had a walk round on arrival & left her at 8.45 Pm. Weather fair, with rain in morning & cloudy at times, 6d groceries. To bed at 9.30 o clk.

Heavy shower in morning but got finer later. Left for town at 9.15 A.M. Mrs Joyce to Mosman on arrival. I looked up Mr Dickson & made appointment. Looked up Mr Doran & Manager of Co Op Motor Society but failed to find either of them. Met Mrs J again at 11.45 A.m. Had dinner 1/6 in George St. & then to Post Office. Returned to Manly at 1.30. Mrs J went home at 2.15 Pm. Both to town again at 5 P.m. had tea 10d & returned at 6.30 Pm. Also the young folk I notice take far more trouble than enough to attract attention. The young women especially each one trying to out do the other. Such are my impressions whether right or wrong.

To town at 9 o clk. with Mrs J. Called & saw Mr Dickson with whom I had a long chat. Then to P.O. to see about cable. £5 cabled by Kate & I had an awful lot of trouble getting it as the wrong name had been cabled & not until I slammed my umbrella down on the counter, took a seat & told the officials that I was not going to leave till I got it, did they come to their senses. & by 4 P,m. I got the money. Two troopships have left. Saw Mr Oates in afternoon & had a talk about motor works & got some good advice from him. Had morning tea 8d & afternoon tea 6d, 1/3 for groceries at Manly, 1d paper. Gave Mrs Joyce £5 to keep for me. To bed at 8 oclk.

Up at 7.30 o clk. Heavy shower of rain early but day fine later. For a walk along beach. Bought cakes & ate same 6d. Met Mrs Joyce at 10 oclk & to town together. Saw Mr Blackman & had a chat concerning motoring & etc. Called on Mr Chas Oates of Co Op Motor Society, Wooloomooloo (sic) but found him out. Called on Mr Bennet in 284 Pitt st. but was again disappointed. Had dinner together which we did not enjoy, 1/6. My nose started bleeding half way through a course. Both of us got very tired & weary walking about town. Had tea brown bread & butter 10d & then to P.O. Cablegram awaiting me but I was 2 minutes late & could not get it which was unfortunate as it has left me in a great state of anxiety. Caught 5.30 Pm ferry & duly arrived at Manly. Bought cakes 6d & meat & bread 7 ½d at Manly. My cold improving which is a blessing. Paper 1d. To bed at 9. P.M. with a slight stomach ache.

Met Mrs Joyce at 9 o clk & to town by self at 10.30 A.m. Had tea & pie at Manley here before leaving 9d paper 1d Had a strenuous time of it in town, called on Sydney Motor school in Palmer st & Regent st Motor College to find out the conditions & chances of learning which seem very favorable. Had dinner 7d. Called on Mr Blackman but did not see him. Called P.O. & got 1 letter from Nils Anderson then to Manly once more. Met Mrs J at 5.30 PM. & to town together & had tea at Sargeants 1/6. Bought a bottle of Eucalyptus 6d & then we both returned to manly once more. Wrote & posted letter to Kate. stamp 3d. My cold something abominable, so I took several heavy draughts of Eucalyptus which cleared my head to some extent. To bed at 9.30 Pm feeling awful. Fair day & cloudy. Very cold wind blowing.

Mrs Joyce & self to Sydney at 9.15 AM 7 and had rather a cold & grizzly time of it. Have caught a shocking bad cold from somewhere. Nearly frozen both of us going over in ferry. Weather middling but cold & grey in morning. Got 3 letters from G.P.O. to day 1 from Tramways 1 from Whereat & 1 from Mr Benjamin. Had dinner by self 7d Walked round & did nothing much. Returned to Manly at 3 P.m. boat & for a walk round beach. Had some afternoon tea 8d & bought some fish & chips 9d. Had a strong draught of gin at 6 Pm & another before going to bed at 8.45. Pm.

Met Mrs J at 9 oclk. & for a short walk. feel very hungry. Had some ginger & apples which Mrs Joyce bought & forced me to eat. She also secured an engagement at the [Breakers] Ashburners st. To town together per 10 AM. Ferry. Spent morning hunting around various employment agencies. No luck or encouragement all day & no letters. Had dinner at Gillhams 1/2 & then to North Shore. Saw [Jean] who seemed bright & happy. Mrs J then to her sisters for some of her things. I to Quay once more. Met Mrs J again at 5.30 Pm & had tea at Sargeants 1/6 which was enjoyed. Slight cold. Left Town per 7 o clk ferry & duly arrived at Manly. purchased a bottle of gin 1/ then helped Mrs J home with her things & then to bed at 9 Pm. 2/6 ticket 2d ferry Pawned my masonic charm for 3/ Fine day but cold.

Up at 7.30 Am. after miserable nights rest. Feel desperately hungry had a few slices of brown bread & butter for breakfast & water to drink. Caught 9 oclk boat for town. Took a walk on arrival, to the slums at Miller Point. It was awful as there were so many hungry & starving. The walk did not cheer me up a scrap. Called at Y.M.C.A on the return to see Mr Dickson but was again disappointed as he was away in N.Z. & is not expected back for another fortnight. Spent the rest of the afternoon in Botanics where I lay down & dozed a bit & tried to think a way out of my dilemma but I could not on account of my hunger. Had no dinner. Caught the 5.30 Pm ferry for Manly & duly arrived. I feel the cold most acute lately. Had dry bread & water for my tea. Thanks to Mrs Joyce or I’d not of had that even. To bed at 8 Pm. feeling ill & wretched. 8d ferry fare.

Mrs Joyce called on me early & brought me down plenty to eat for the day. Also she did my washing for me & took some more back with her. To town at 11.15 Am to see if there were any letters but was disappointed again. All my life is nothing by disappointment now, everything is against me & but for my dear old mate Mrs Joyce I’d of been starving long ago. Returned to Manly at 12.30 boat. Waited about for Mrs J & her mother but did not see them till close on 4.30. P.M. when we all took a seat together & had a chat till 5.30. Mrs Joyce & her mother then left for their home. Glorious day with cool breeze & lots of people & children enjoying themselves in the water. It does one good to see someone at least enjoying themselves. Returned to Lodgings soon after I left Mrs Joyce & to bed at 7 Pm feeling very wretched & forlorn.

10 d breakfast 11d tram fare 7d dinner 4d ferry 4d luggage 1/1 sundries 6d brandy At Manly Met Mrs J at 9 A.m. & had tea & bread & butter at Macquarie St together 10d & then I interviewed Mr Doran of the Ferry service but had no luck. then we got my luggage & took it down to the Ferry shed. Had a slight altercation with the Army official at the Palace who thought Mrs Joyce had come up to my room with me. He hastened up & demanded admittance to my room, but fell in very badly as Mrs Joyce was awaiting me below. I lost no time in telling him what I thought of him. I’ll never stop at an Army place again. Saw Mrs J off to Manly at 1 oclk. & then left for Darling Pt. & saw Mr Richards in Thornton st re employment but still no luck. Called at Hordens to see Mr Dilling but no luck, so left with luggage per 4.20 boat for Manly where I met Mrs J who had already engaged a room for me at Mrs Mackintosh’s on the seashore, which was very nice. What would I do but for Mrs J -. To bed at 9 o clk.

To ferry & Met Mrs Joyce at 9 oclk. & then together to Anthony Hardens where I met Mr Dilling Mrs J’s brother who was very nice indeed & put me on to several people re work, visited Peacock Jam factory to see about work, But nothing doing there. To Gov Domain Baths & saw Mr [Dilling] there & then to Ferry & saw Mr Doran of the Ferry service who gave me a little encouragement, & asked me to call & see him again after nine in the morning. Both if us to Manly afterwards in order to hunt up a room. But just as we found the street, we were not sure of the mens tickets price so both is us to beach then, in a somewhat depressed state of mind. Bought some fish & chips & had with a cup of tea at the seaside. Saw Mrs J partly home & both of us got lost, I don’t know where. Caught the 7.15 Pm ferry to town & duly arrived all intact. Feel better than yesterday & to bed at 9 o clk.

Posted letters to Marks Suva ‘’ ‘’ Tramways {Whereat & Benjamin Brisbane} For walk early & met Mrs Joyce at 8.30 at Quay. Had a walk & I called on Mr Blackman, regarding employment but as usual no luck. Feel in a very depressed state of mind. Mrs Joyce to her sisters at Nth shore at 11 Am. Met her again at 1.30 P.m. Took my Masonic charm to a pawnbroker but was only offered 2/9 so decided to try else where. We both made tracks for botanical gardens at 3.30 P.m. both feeling very tired & bad humoured. Had a little to eat there which revived us a little. Mrs Joyce paying for everything as usual & it worried me not a little. Town very dirty & noisy, every noise & the trams get on my nerves lately. Feel ready to drop & very weak. Saw my mate off at 5-45 Pm for Manly & then made my weary way to Palace & had a hot bath. Had my hair cut 9d & to bed at 8 Pm. wretched & miserable.

6/6 given me by Mrs Joyce Arose at 7.30 & interviewed Mr Blackman re lodge. He was most cordial & gave me a letter to Mr Dummer of the tram-ways. Met Mrs Joyce & her mother who is a fine old lady. & we all took to tram to Rushcutters bay where I interviewed Mr Dummer who was also very nice & offered to do what he could & gave me a form to fill in. Had dinner at [Gillhams] with Mrs J & her mater, which I enjoyed. It costs me nil to live now as Mrs Joyce is practically keeping me, don’t know what I’d have done without her. Visited Lodge Thespian of N S Wales constitution this afternoon in response to invitation but did not enjoy it. There seemed to be something missing somehow or other. Met or caught up with Mrs J & mater at 5.10Pm. at foot of Pitt street & had tea with them. I feel ashamed of myself as Mrs J is paying for it all. Left them at ferry. Wrote to A Marks Suva, Whereat & Benjamin Brisbane & Dummer of tramway this evening & to bed at 10. P.m.

7d tea Up at 8 o clk & started out to look for a pawnshop but it being monday the Jewish holiday none were open. Met Mrs Joyce at 10 oclk at Circular Quay. who brought me some breakfast & dinner over most welcome. as I’d only had one meal since last seeing her. Then we set off to look up different parties. Inquired of A.V.S.N. Co & Adelaide steamship Co the 2nd fare to Brisbane. Fare per A.V.S.N. £1.15. single. Then looked up Mr Blackman Sec Tarbolton Lodge but failed to find him. Had tea at Mrs Joyce’s expence (sic). also hot pies which we ate in the Domain later also at my good mates expence (sic). Called at G.P.O. for letters but got none. Got very tired waking about, but thanks to Mrs Joyce I feel much better & no longer hungry. Left Mrs J at ferry at 5.15 Pm. Then made my weary way to Palace & darned socks till 10 P.M. & then to bed. Glorious day with cold winds.

Up at 9.30 oclk. feel awfully hungry & am getting awfully skinny, my clothes hang like bags on me now. For walk to Domain in morning before dinner. Had no breakfast, but had dinner 7d which was a treat. Visited Museum & Art Gallery in afternoon which I enjoyed very much & it helped me to forget my hunger. The Museum is very fine indeed & is well worth a visit. Also the Art Gallery which is magnificent. The fine collection of Doulton ware & China & Japanese ware is particularly interesting & beautiful. Both places are open on Sundays between 2 & 5 P.m. Spent the rest of the day trying to think out my miserable position. Bands playing here & there but I thought the music rather uninteresting. Fine day with rain during night & early morning. Had no tea only a glass of water. Went to my room at 6 oclk & bed at 7 oclk. 1d peanuts

(In Sydney N.S.W.) Up at 8 o clk after a muddling nights rest. Visited Grand Masonic Lodge of New South Wales & appealed for a little advice. Grand Lodge address 283 Castlereigh street Grand Secretary, Arthur Bray, who received me very curtly & referred me to the Deputy Grand Sec. who was polite but said they could do nothing for me at all. Gave me a pamphlet containing list of Lodges & told me to visit some of them which I know from previous experience does nothing. Met Mrs Joyce at 12 oclk & also saw Jean & had a chat. Had dinner with Mrs Joyce 1/2. Had no breakfast & no tea. feel very hungry but I suppose I’ll have to get used to that. Walk in Botanical Gardens in afternoon with Mrs Joyce who has been a far better friend to me than any Masonic Brethren. Visited Lever Bros A.M.P. Buildings Pitt st. & enquired when Kulambangra leave for Solomons. Wrote & posted letter to my old shipmate Nils Anderson asking for his help. Walked about town all day & got very tired indeed. To bed at 8 o clk ------------ 1d for paper.

Room 10/9d dinner 1/2 Awake throughout the night. All hands awake whenever the brakes were applied. & our host delivered the latest merriment. One indeed meets some very funny people when travelling. Very uncomfortable trying to sleep in a train but our merry folk made us forget all our troubles & we laughed till our sides ached. occasional stops for refreshments, had a nobbler of whisky myself. Arrived at Tamworth at 4 A.m. Armidale at [space left empty] Newcastle at 7.30 Am. Dawn broke wet & dreary with rain at intervals. my mate a splendid companion & we kept each other warm throughout the journey. Maitland was in flood when we got to there. Splendid views when crossing the Hawksbury river. Arrived Sydney Central at 11.10 A.M. Put up at Palace. & paid for room for week 10/. Accommodation fair but not as good as Brisbane. Had a hearty dinner at Pitt St. Strolled around rest of afternoon & retired at 8.30. Pm. thoroughly tired out.

(Left Brisbane for Sydney) Fare £2.2 books 1.1 tea 1.0 dinner 5.0 tea 1.6 Called by Landlady at 5 oclk & after breakfast left per 6.7 Am tram for Brisbane. Duly arrived at Central Station. & embarked by Sydney Express. The usual hustle & bustle which upsets one. Railway officials most uncurteous. (sic) Had good jovial company in our car which kept us alive to the fact that we were not dead. Arrived at Wallangarra & had Dinner which was spoilt by the exorbitant charge 5/ [for] 2. Arrived at Wallangarra which is the border at 5.55 P.m. Here we had to change to the N.S.W. trains & after a short preliminary canter across the platform we secured a good seat by in a somewhat breathless state. Had some extradordinary (sic) good company here & joking was carried on throughout the night it is a bit cold & we are all wrapped up in rugs & foot warmers have been served. Left Wallangarra at 6.30 everybody happy. Our cars company was composed of 3 ladies 4 gentlemen.

Up at 8 o clk & for a walk & look up various bodies Weather fair. Visited & said Good bye to Mr Benjamin, saw Mr Savage of Englis Lavery & [Savoy] sec to Solomon Is Rubber Co. & announced my attntention (sic) to leave for Sydney in morning Did an awful lot of running about till my feet & legs ached. Decided to leave by 2.30 train for Sandgate for a rest. Arrived there soon after 3 Pm. Had a real good tea & good time Generally. Got a flask filled with boomerang brandy which I enjoyed. Retired at 8 oclk. Have decided to get up at 5 Am. (Landlady Mrs English kindly offered to get me breakfast) & leave by 8 A.m. train for Sydney. Restless all night. Fixed up & left Palace to day said good bye to all. Expenses 12/7

Up late 8 oclk. & for a walk to Botanics. Getting on my nerves having nothing to do. There seems to be a very hard time before me now. no work & no prospects. Visited Mr Benjamin, Simpson, Collins, [MsrsSavage] & others but no luck. Had dinner at Cafe Majestic. [>] To Botanics again in afternoon & had tea. Feel very tired all day through running about looking for employment feel disgusted & have good reason to be. Reckon on leaving for Sydney shortly as I might just as well go on the rocks there as here. Visited Lodge [Merthyr] installation but did not enjoy it a scrap. To Palace at 12.30 Am expences (sic) 3/6

Up at 7.45 Am. Nothing to do. Day fine & clear. Walk about town in morning. Had dinner at Cape Majestic which was enjoyed. For walk to Albert Park in afternoon got very tired indeed. Had something to eat on river bank North Quay this evening. Felt sick after. Had a stiff nobbler of Brandy & soda at Pub. 6d & then coffee afterwards. To bed at 11 o clk. feeling unwell & windy with pain in chest. 2/3 expenses.

Up at 7.45. lovely day at Sandgate, clear & bright. Had a good breakfast which I enjoyed very much & then for a long walk. Returned per 11.55 train for town. Just arrived at town when I found bed room key was lost, so had to return to Sandgate to look for same, know No luck & so once more returned to Town. & there found the key in its proper place. Ye Gods. To Mr Andersons in evening & had tea & a splendid evening alto-gether. Quite nice to meet an old ship mate of mine. To palace again at 10Pm. & bed at 11.30 Pm tired out & with pains in my stomach. 2d railway storage 2/ train fare.

To work at 7.30 oclk, plugging till 11.45 Am when I was paid off £2 by Mr Whereat. Who shook hands with me & wished me every success. Had a meal 6d, 4d tram fare 1d ferry. 2/8d train. To SandGate in afternoon. Took a bed there for the night, & had a real good time. To bed at 9.30 Pm after a long walk round 7/6 expenses.

To work early. Walked to Ferry. Splendid day clear & sunny. Scraping deck & plugging all day. Had tea at Websters 2/ and for a stroll along North Quay later. Many people about town 3 letters today 1 from Victory Lodge 1 from Miss Snow & 1 from Post Master Suva Fiji regarding the missing letter. reports no trace. 2d tram fare. 10d supper. Feel middling but suffering from constipation. To bed at 11.Pm.

To work early. Fair day with showers at times. Splicing wire in morning & scraping deck in afternoon. Got off 20 minutes early this evening in order to visit the Capt Commercial rowing club, regarding position as caretaker. But found I was too late as usual. Had tea at (don’t know the name of the place) 6d & then to Palace. Got sandwiches 1/. 4d tram fare & 6d ferry today. Met Sydney train & Mrs Joyce. Book room 1/6 For walk in town together had supper. Coffee & Brown bread 9d Had a chat on Roof & then to bed at close on 11.P.m.

To work (no breakfast) at 6.30 oclk. Lovely day, clear & sunny. Smoothing off deck all day very unsatisfactory indeed, seemed to make such slow progress although I was working so hard all day. Very hungry had very little dinner. Tea at National 6d then to palace. Got my sandwiches 10d. 2d tram fare. Met Nils Anderson my old shipmate & we both adjourned to my room & had a good old chat about old times afloat & in foreign lands. Invited me to his place on Sunday. Walked to his home with him this evening, so as to see the way to find the place. Glass of beer enroute (sic). Met his & itc.(sic) Returned to Palace at 11 Pm. & bed soon after.

Up at 6 o clk. & t work. Day very changeable with heavy showers of rain in afternoon. Annoying me not a little as I had to continually relight my fire for the pitch pot. Glueing (sic) Deck all day. Very unsatisfactory progress indeed. Had tea 6d Got a great surprise this evening when I met an old shipmate of mine, who was in the good ship King George with me in 1904. Had a Great old chat. Anderson by name. This surprise was followed by another, an old Richmond boy Mr Mill who used to have Wearings shop. Great deal of pump handling in the restraunt (sic), & jovial chat. Neither of us could talk fast enough. Late to Palace to night in consequence. Wire from Mrs Joyce. Got my sandwiches 10d & then to Palace once more. & wrote & posted letter to Dad. 1d tram fare. Walked from Bulimba Ferry to Palace to night. To bed at 10.30.P.m.

To work early, scrap of Breakfast & no dinner. Got notice to day, so this is my last week at work. Caulking & Glueing (sic) deck all day. Showers all day making work unpleasant. Got Paid to day £4. which is a blessing. Feel wretched. Got 2 letters from Mrs Joyce to night which made me feel worse. Sent Telegram to Mrs Joyce to night at 6.30P.m. 1/7. Tea 6d. tram fare & papers 3d. 10d for sandwiches at Miss Milners. Had a long yarn together. Wrote & posted letter to Mrs Marr. To bed but not to sleep at 11Pm. 6d breakfast.

Up at 9.30 o clk & after performing my usual ablutions shave & etc I started out to see Mr Cox at Norman park. Had scanty meal on the way 9d found Mr Cox at home & delighted to see me. I left however on the arrival of some relatives of his in spite of their intreaties (sic) to me to stop. Spent rest of afternoon at Palace went with out my dinner. Got very hungry later & was obliged to get a few scones 6d. Laid down & had a good thing (sic) & tried hard to think my position out. feel unwell in fact I’ve not felt too well at all lately. Shower in morning early & showers at intervals in afternoon. The Capt handed me a paper which Dad had sent me to day. For short walk in town in evening. Had no tea feel hungry. Had a long chat with an English Gentleman & his wife on the Balcony this evening who seemed very nice. To bed at 9.30 Pm.

To work at 6.30 No breakfast & precious little dinner. Caulking deck all morning. Interviewed Mr Whereat who said he thought he could keep me on for another week. To Victoria Barracks in afternoon & enlisted [Victor] Expeditionary Force. Successfully passed Doctor & Received certificate to that effect. Now I may get a call at any minute. Sooner the better as I don’t wish to die of starvation here. Have got very hungry hungry of late. Paid for room for another week 9/. Man fainted or took a fit on the lift this evening which caused us no little consternation. We carried him into the Commercial room & left him on the couch. Wrote & posted letter to Miss Snow this evening. Washed out singlet & handchf [handkerchief] this evening. My weight 148 lbs. Short walk in evening & then to Bed at 10 oclk. 1/ meals 2d tram.

To work early & rather hungry. Fair day with fresh S E wind & cloudy at times. Caulking deck all day. “Dora” launched to day. Had tea at National 6d. Walked to Ferry this morning, took me ½ hour and saved a penny. but took car this evening 1d. Got sandwiches 6d other necessary odds & ends 5d. War cry 1d Received a letter & photo from Dad & mum. 1 letter from Kate, 1 from [Joy]] Cooksey & 1 from Mr Dickson. For short stroll in town this evening & to room again at 8.30Pm. & bed at 10 P.m.

To work early, after scanty mouthful. Splendid day & wind S. E. strong. Caulking deck all day long. Had tea at National Roast pork, soup & date pudding 6d quite a treat to get something in my inside again. 6d for ferry tickets. Had the misfortune to stick my knife in my knee this afternoon, did not much damage however. Got my sandwiches from Miss Milner’s 10d then to Palace & bed at 9 oclk. 1d tram fare.

Up & to work, no breakfast. Weather fair with blustery South Easterly wind. Rigging & caulking all day. Work getting short now so may be paid off any minute now as things are getting very slack. Had tea at National 6d then to Palace. Got my Sandwiches from Miss Milner 10d who is also feeling & certainly looks very seedy. Wrote letter to Mrs Joyce this evening & posted same. Feel any how. & worrying over getting work again. Hundreds out of work now. To bed at 10 oclk. P.m. 3d tram & paper

Up & to work, early. Day fine but cloudy & slight shower in afternoon. Spicing & rigging all day. Jambed (sic) the spike into my hand between the left forefinger & thumb causing a deep wound which bled profusely. Did nothing to it but bathed it in hot water when I returned to Palace. Had tea at National 6d which I enjoyed. Alice getting rather familiar. Got my sandwiches from Miss Milner & also paid for last nights 1/10. 2d tram fare. Letter from Mrs Joyce. Answered same & posted. Mrs J also sent me some stamps. Paris preparing for siege & Germans steadily advancing. Filthy beasts on our flat now & spit along the dormitory. One beast kept me awake late last night heaving up flem. Bad smell from W.C. To bed at 10.30 P.m.

Up & to work at 6.30 without any breakfast. Beautiful day & warm. Caulking all morning & splicing & rigging all the afternoon. Had tea at National 6d then to Palace. Received paper from Mrs Joyce. Got two papers today 2d & had supper at Palace refreshments rooms 6d which I enjoyed. For short stroll in evening met a poor homeless young chap who begged for 9d for a bed but I could not give him anything as I’m more than likely to be on the rocks myself shortly, so I referred him to the Y.M.C.A.. Hope he got fixed up all right. Latest war news, Samoa taken by British. British troops in action glorious achievement in Europe. Another naval battle, several German ships sunk. China irritated. To room at 9.45Pm & bed at 11.30Pm.

Arose soon after 8 Am. Weather clear & glorious throughout the day. For a walk to Botanical gardens at 10 oclk, purchased a paper on the way 1d & read the latest war news. Crowds of people in the Botanics & it was quite enjoyable. Had no breakfast & had dinner in town 9d at 1.30 Pm. Then to Palace. To Y.M.C.A. service in afternoon & listened to Mr Lang of Hyderabad India Y.M.C.A. Quite enjoyed his address which was sound, well founded & broad minded. Gave 1/ to the Y.M.C.A. fund. Had tea at Edward st refreshment rooms 9d & then to Palace once more after listening to the Salvation Army for some time. Read on the balcony for some time before retiring to room. Lonliness (sic) beginning to get on my nerves somewhat. Never have a soul to talk to. Sooner I’m away the better. To bed at 9 oclk. feeling weary & rather forlorn.

Up & to work at 6.30. Caulking all day. ^ or morning^ Weather fine but a little cloudy. Had dinner at national 6d then to Palace & had bath & etc. 2d tram 1d paper 9/ room 1/8 cake & etc. Got a letter from Mrs Joyce. Did nothing much all afternoon except wrote & posted letter to Mrs Joyce & also one to Tulip Best. Numerous people in town, in all sorts of fancy garbs & costumes. Balls, dances & social functions seem to be the order of the day or night rather. Had tea which I enjoyed at National 6d. Soup Veal & steak pudding & ginger pudding. Had a stroll in evening & then to Palace, where I had a chat with the office clerk & also put in time with a newspaper on the Balcony. To bed at 10 o clk.

To work at 6.30 Am. Fair day with little rain & a south easterly wind blowing in squalls. Caulking all day & discovered I’d nearly spoilt one plank by caulking too tight & breaking the inside of the plank. Had tea at National 6d then to Palace. Letter from Mr Dickson Sandwiches 6d. To Kodak to see how the film turned out. But it was [not] good & badly fogged. They charged nil for developing if for me, so I bought another film 1/3 & will give it another trial. 6d sundries, 2d tram fare 1d paper Walked about town a bit before retiring to Palace. Town crowded with people. Am frequently bombarded by young ladies whr (sic) [who] worry me to buy patriotic badges which I refused. Their smiles have no charm for me. My cold bad & makes me feel wretched. Cannot relish my meals. To bed at 10 Pm.

To work at usual early hour & caulking launch all day, nearly finished now thank God. Day very showery & boisterous South Easterly blowing. Tea at National 6d. Letter & papers from Kate, paid 2d on papers. Got my sandwiches 10d tram & paper 3d, 6d ferry. 6d stamps. My cold getting worse & feel only middling. Wrote & posted letter to Kate. Excitement of War news taking off a bit. To bed at 10.30 oclk.

Up at 6.30 & to work. Morning fine & clear, but the afternoon turned out wet with frequent heavy showers which made things very muddy. Caulking all day. Had tea at National 6d then to Palace. Got my sandwiches 1/ & supper 6d. 2d tram fare. Teriffic (sic) battle raging in Europe. British troops in action. 500000 Russians have crossed into Prusians (sic) territory & are now advancing on Berlin. The only trouble the British troops have they say is that the French are too hospitable & persist in forcing wine & delicacies on them. Wrote & posted a letter to Mrs Joyce. To bed at 10.45P.m. Have a cold coming on me which is very annoying indeed.

Up & to work at 6.30 A.m. Day fine with a heavy downpour in after-noon which soon cleared off however, with a lovely clear night. Caulking all day. things getting slack now & expect to be put off any minute now. Had tea at National 6d then to palace. Got my sandwiches 1/ & washing 1/7. 2d tram & 1 paper. Hundreds out of work now & many very hard up indeed. Expect to be on the rocks myself shortly. don’t exactly know what course to take. Japan supposed to be bombarding [Hiall-Chans/ Kiao Chau] & Allies take the offensive terrible carnage. Emperor of Austria seriously ill. Got the clerk at Palace to leave film at Kodak to day. To bed at 8.45 Pm.

To work at usual hour. Day fine & clear. Still caulking the launch. Got my pay to day £3.9.2d 78 ½ hrs. Had tea at National 6d which I enjoyed then to Palace & had a bath. Got 2 letters & paper from Mr Johnson. Answered & posted letter to [him] tonight. Got my sandwiches 10d. For short stroll in town in evening had fish supper in Queenstreet (sic) 1/ which disagreed with me a little. 2d tram 1d paper. War news beginning to look up again. Japan taking action against Germany, Italy moving. Wireless station destroyed at German New Guinea, & other rumours of a most exciting nature taking place. To bed at 11 P.m. 2d on a letter from Mrs J.

Arose late 8.30 o clk. A.m. then to Mrs Wanless’s for breakfast, fried eggs & Porridge 9d then to Botanics where I took some photos, first since leaving Fiji. Had no dinner. For walk in afternoon late to South Brisbane. Did not enjoy it much as it was rather hot & dusty splendid day otherwise. Loafed in my room most of the day as I had nothing else to do. No war news of an exciting nature excepting that the Germans are steadily advancing & have now occupied Ghent. Had tea at Mrs Wanless’s 9d & also got some sandwiches from same 1/ To Palace at 7.30Pm & bed at 9 Pm. Gave in my washing 1 white coat 1 pair trousers light drill. 2 [d] collars 1 shirt

To work early. Caulking during morning till 10.45 Am when I hastened off to the Health Dept in order to get my vaccination Certificate. Arrived there at 11.45 Am & was scrutinized by the Health doctor Dr Thompson who granted me the desired certificate of Immunity. To dinner at National 6d & then to palace & had a bath & etc. Wrote & posted a letter to Mrs Joyce. Bought some odds & ends 10 ½d then to National once more & had tea 6d. Tirlmont (sic) [Tirlemont] recaptured by the Allies & Brussels occupied by the Germans Germans accused of most horrible atrocities & outrages. Another German steamer captured at Sydney. 1d paper & 4d tram fare, 9/ for room. Weather fine but a bit misty in morning early. To bed at 9.30 Pm.

Up & to work at 6.30 oclk. Caulking all day. Fine day with a fairly heavy shower in afternoon, cleared again by nightfall. Had tea at National 6d & then to palace & had clean up. Got sandwiches from Miss Milner 6d & walked through town with her. Got her to get me a reel of white thread 4d. Wandered about town by myself for the rest of evening. Purchased a bulletin 6d. 3 tram fare & paper. All sorts of rumours concerning the war afloat. British army in action German New Guinea not captured. To bed at 11.30Pm.

To work early, Beautiful day clear & bright. Caulking all day, very monotonous. Vaccination come to nothing again. War reports still exciting but with little truth. Supposed German cruisers very battered towed into Hong Kong with scuppers running with blood. Had tea at National 6d. 3d tram & paper 6d ferry tickets. Had good hot bath this evening & feel much brighter in consequence. Got letter from Mrs Rose. To Miss Milner’s in evening to get my sandwiches 1/6. Also bought bananas 6d, 8 miserable things worth about 1d, no more bananas at that price. Death of Pope. To bed at 10 o clk. after a stroll about town.

Up at 6 o clk & to work. Lovely day again. Caulking launch all day. Report that a big battle is now proceeding on the continent in which some 3 000 000 combatents (sic) are engaged. Also report that a British force has been landed in France & is now on the frontier. Teriffic (sic) battle between Servians (sic) & Austrians in which 15 000 Austrians were slain. Had tea at National 6d & then to Palace. To Miss Milners & got my dinner from next door, did not pay for it to night. Then for a short walk in town & to Palace again at 8.15P.m. & bed at 9 P.m 2d tram fare & 1d paper.

Rose at 6 Am ate my sandwiches & to work. Caulking launch all day. Beautiful weather now clear & bright. War news unreliable & strained relations between Japan & America concerning certain Pacific rights. Reports of a big battle in New Guinea. Also a rumour that the Wyreema had been sunk with all hands. Had tea at National 6d which I very much enjoyed & then to Palace & had clean up. Got my sandwiches at Miss Milners 1/ & walked as far as P.O. with her. Had a very jovial chat together which quite brightened me up. Wrote to Mrs Joyce this evening & posted same. Got some dates 6d & paper 1d. 2d tram fare. Glorious night clear & starlight. Everyone talking war & many of the newspaperboys can no longer yell out & can only just whisper rather funny to hear some of them. To bed at 11 P.m. feeling middling.

To work at 6.30AM No Breakfast Caulking all morning & till 2.45 Pm when I left for the health Dept & got vaccinated once more, which makes the third & last time. Beautiful day again fine & clear. Enlisted with the Naval reserves at 4.20 Pm to day. so may get a call any minute now. 4d tram fare 1d paper 6d chocolate. 1/6 meals 6d stamps. Waited till 6.15Pm at corner of Adelaide st & Edward st for Mr Cox who never turned up. Had tea at National Cafe. One meets awful pigs in these 6d restaurants. the man opposite me to night put a whole string of food on his knife & then put knife & food half way down his throat. Got two letters from Mrs Marr to day & answered same to night & posted. Rumour reports Japan has issued Ultimatum to Germany Marama & Niagara held up at Honululu (sic) owing to German cruiser in the vicinity to Bed at 10.30 Pm.

Up at 8 oclk & to Mrs [Wanless s] (sic) for Breakfast Porridge fried eggs 9d. Glorious day again clear & warm. To Botanical gardens & finally left there at 10.15 for Mr Cox’s whom I decided to pay a visit. Found them all at home & happy. had dinner with them which I enjoyed. Met Mrs Cox Senior. Left there at 2.20 oclk & arrived Palace at 3.30 oclk. Went though some old letters & had a bath & clean up. Had tea & got sandwiches at Mrs Wanless’s 1/3. Got a paper 1d which had precious little news in it. Swarms of people in town. & dust almost intolerable. To room after tea & wrote 1 letter to Mrs Joyce & 1 to R. W. Stiles Esq. & posted same. Weather getting decidedly warmer. Walk on roof before going to bed To bed at 10.30 oclk.

Triple entente Britain, France & Russia To work at 6.30 & to work Caulking boat all day morning. Half holiday in the afternoon. Did nothing in particular Had dinner & tea at Cafe National 1/ 2d tram fare & 1d paper. 3d German band & 6d banana Got letter from Mr S Dickson Glorious day again but exceedingly dusty in town crowds of people about & plenty of drunks also. Met Mr Benjamin in afternoon & had a chat. For walk in evening about town. got very dusty & dirty listened to German band & pipers for some time. Latest war news Berlin starving & heavy fighting at Liège. Naval engagement between British & German cruisers in Atlantic. Frances’ ultimatum to Holland declaring war if she sheltered the enemy. To lodgings early 9 oclk. & to bed at 10Pm.

To work early. Day beautifully clear & bright. Typical Queensland Spring day. Caulking launch all day. All sorts of wild reports concerning the war circulated. Tremendous crowds in town to night & it is exceedingly difficult to cross the road even & the pavements are simply blocked with people. Had tea stuffed mutton soup & Ginger pudding at the National Café 6d. For walk in town in evening spent 1/6 on sandwiches & etc 1d paper & 2 tram fare. Wrote & posted a letter to Mr S Dickson. Latest report heavy fighting on Belgium & Germans driven back. & Navel (sic) engagements 6 British ships sunk & 13 of the Enemy. Don’t think any of the news is official. My arm feels quite well & not troubling one in the least. To bed at 11P.m.

Teriffic (sic) fight seems emminent (sic) on the continent Up at 6.15 & to work with out any breakfast. Caulking the launch all day till 2.45Pm when I left for the health Dept & got revaccinated. Saw Mr J Simpson afterwoods (sic) & had a very pleasant chat together. Had tea at National Cafe 6d & then to Palace 1 letter & 1 letter from Mrs Joyce & 1 letter from Dad. Wrote and posted letter to Dad in the evening. Got my sandwiches 1/ from Miss Milner in evening & then to Botanical Gardens where the band was Playing. Glorious day & the gardens were all lit up & alluminated (sic) in the night which made a charming & beautiful scene indeed. Crowds of people everywhere. Did a very stupid thing to day. In spite of a notice forewarning people of wet Paint, I deliberately leaned up against the Ferry shed which had just been done, with the result my coat got covered in yellow paint. 6d ferry 4 tram 6d supper at Palace. Cup of coffee & brown bread & butter my favorite supper. To bed at 12 P.m. 1 ½ d at Botanics.

Up at 8.30 oclk. Holiday today (worse luck) for the Exhibition. Glorious day clear & sunny & sky blue. For a short walk in Morning, bought some sausage rolls 6d & ate them at North Quay. Felt poorly afterwards. Got 2 papers 2d & read on balcony for some time. Had dinner at Café Ellenberry 1/ Soup Lambs Fry & bacon & Trifle. To room afterwards & sorted out letters & disposed of a number of them. To National Cafe afterwards & had tea 6d. Gave 1d to rescue box. 6d sandwiches & 6d bananas Tremendous crowds in city & things very lively indeed. Had a bath & washed out pair sox, Hdchf [handkerchief] & singlet. Feel slight headache coming on towards nightfall. Crowds of people unable to get beds in the city & have to spend the night walking about. Had long chat with Miss Foster to day who also feels & looks poorly. She is it appears a great friend of Miss Brights of Nelson. Wrote & posted letter to Mrs Joyce. Got paper from her to day. To room & bed at 10.30 Pm.

To work at 6.30. Ate my tomato sandwiches before leaving. Glorious day fine & clear. Caulking beneath the big launch all day. Very uncomfortable lying on ones back & working in a pile of shavings knocked the skin off my knuckle & am now repeatedly hammering the same sore place. Had tea at National 6d & then to Palace via Queen street which is very animated on account of the war. H.M.A.S. Australia captures German New Guinea a rich prize. 2d tram fare 1d paper. Also got 1 doz bananas 8d had a bath & then for walk through town. Had supper in City Cafe meat pie & cup of coffee 6d War specials still coming out & many of the newsboys have completely lost their voices & can no longer shout but can merely whisper in a hoarse voice. Reports of more captures by British men-o-war on the high seas. Mindini indefinitely postponed so Don’t know when I’ll get away now. To room at 10.30 & bed at 11.30 Pm.

Exhibition opens Up betimes & to work without my breakfast as I could hardly afford it. Day middling with heavy showers of rain in afternoon. Caulking all day beneath bottom of boat most unpleasant & very tiring. Got Paid today £2.9.11d Tools cost 17/9. Had tea at Cafe National which I enjoyed, 6d Then to Palace & had a bath & cleanup. Got a letter from Mrs Joyce & answered same & posted at once. To Miss Milners & got sandwiches 1/. 1d for paper & 2d tram fare. Palace full up not a vacant space in the building. Feel very sick on account of a filthy beast in the next room heaving up his inside & expectorating on the floor. Exhibition opens to day. Crowds of People everywhere. Night much colder to room at 10.15Pm & bed soon after. £2.9.11 for 83 ¼ hrs.

Got out at 8.30 oclk. & for a walk to Botanical Gardens where I perused the Yachtsmen paper. Kindly sent me by Mr Glasgow. Glorious day after rain last night. A typical Queensland day sky blue & sun bright & warm. War news still exciting & crowds clamouring for news at the News offices all day. Steamships Cannstatt & Prinz Sigismund both moored fore & aft in the river. prisoners of war. Paid 18/ for room for a fortnight this morning. 1d for paper. to see the news. Ate my cake for breakfast & dinner & had tea at Exchange Café 1/ bought some sandwiches for tomorrow 6d & stamps 6d Wrote letters to Mr Glasgow, Kate & Geo Ricketts & posted same this evening. Big crowd stopping at Palace now every available space being occupied. News of terrible conflict between Germans & Belgians came through to day. To Y.M.C.A. Service this afternoon & heard Sydney speakers, which was good straight talk. To room at 9 o clk & bed at 10.30P.m.

News of battle of Leige, a perfect shambles. 5 feet of dead. Up late & had to eat my sandwiches whilst hastening to work. Caulk new launch all morning. Half holiday on afternoon. Animated discourses everywhere on the war. Had dinner at National 6d big crowds every where difficult to get about the streets at times. Got two letters on arrival at Palace 1 from Mrs Joyce & 1 from Miss Snow.Got my washing1/. Cake ½ and tea 6d. 2d tram 1d paper. Short walk in evening to view the frenzied mobs awaiting for news outside the News Offices. Day fair with rain in evening. Wrote letter to Mrs Joyce & one to Miss Snow & posted both. Received a very mysterious telegram at 9.30P.m. from Crows Nest Sydney. Cannot understand it took it to Telegraph office but got no satisfaction so put it in an envelope & posted same to Mrs Joyce asking her to investigate. It is worrying me not a letter. To room late 11Pm & bed 11.30 oclk. Had a bath & removed the bandage from my arm. Vaccination seems no good. Rain in night.

Up & to work rather late. Day middling & cloudy with rain. Caulking all day my vaccination beginning to itche (sic) slightly. Dense crowds everywhere & noise deafening in the streets. Had tea at National Café 6d & then to room & had clean up. To Jensen & got my boots 3/6 & Linds & got Umbrella 6/3. Then to Kodak & got Camera & film 6/3. To Miss Milners & got sandwiches 6d. 1/ supper. 1d paper & 2d tram fares. Letter from Mr Savage [Sea] Soloman Is. R. P. Ltd stating that the island service was disorganised on account of the war & asked me to call on him in about fortnights time. Crowds everywhere & conflicting reports on war numerous. Fighting taking place on Continent. British cruiser sunk & many other terrible calamities taking place. Great Arguments on all sides & all the talk War Home at 10.30 oclk & Bed at 11.30P.m. Washing to laundry this morning 1 collar 1 shirt & 1 suit pyjamas. Got my camera tonight.

2d tram fares Up betimes & to work. Day fine & clear & rather hot at times. Caulking new launch all day. Vaccination scars giving no sign of pain yet. War news coming through all day & great excitement prevails throughout the city. Had tea at National 6d & then to Palace. Letter from Kate, 1 from Tulip Best 1 from S Dickson also paper & 2 from Mrs Joyce. Dressed & then to visit Lodge Lamington No 30 on roll of Grand Lodge of Queensland. Called on Miss Milners & got my lunch 10d on the way. Had a real good time & special reference was made to my presence by the Deputy Grand Master Mr Jones who asked me to convey his sincerest congratulations to the NZ Brethren. Broke up at 11.45P.m. after singing old Lang Syne. Installation night & Brr Hogan was installed into the chair of King Soloman. Wrote letter to Mrs Joyce after midnight & posted same. To bed at 1.30A.m.

War declared between England & Germany Arose at 6.15 o clk & to work. Lifting “Dora” off cradle & caulking the large new launch just about completed. Took the afternoon off again & to the Health Dept & got vaccinated by Dr Thompson , saw Mr Simpson & shook hands with him. Took my boots to Jenson for Repairs & Umbrella to Linds for recovering. To Stock Exchange Club later & saw Mr Benjamin. Had tea at National 6d & Bought some bananas 8d paper 1d tram fares 2d Book Ferry tickets 6d. To Miss Milners later & got my dinner for tomorrow 10d War news very exciting & demonstrations in streets. Dense crowds everywhere & newspaper offices besieged by crowds awaiting news. Shrill screams of Newspaper boys is deafening. Wild reports & rumours are circulated every now & then. Wrote & posted a letter to Mr Marr this evening. Stamps 6d Saw Mrs cox in town this afternoon. Also saw Mr J Simpson Junior this evening early. Day finer & clear & glorious moonlight night. To room at 9 P.m. & bed at 10.30Pm.

Day fine & cloudy at times “Dora” afloat today Called at Mr Scott’s office but found him out 2d tram fares Up at 6.5 A.m. & to work. Paper 1d Caulking “Dora’s” deck all morning & had afternoon off in order to get vaccinated. Visited Mr Savage & discussed a clause in the agreement which I eventually signed. Also visited Mr (gap left – no name recorded) at Mr Benjamin’s office. Saw Mr J Simpson at his works who rung up his [Uncle] for me (re vaccination) who is the health inspector. Made appointment to be vaccinated tomorrow at 2 P.m. To Stock Exchange Club after where I read all the latest War News which is causing intense excitement. Got another paper 1d then had tea at National 6d. Bought some Soloman Is Bananas 8d per Dozen. Took my camera to Kodak for repairs & etc which the manager agreed to do for 5/ after much barnying. be ready Friday night. Got letter from Mrs Joyce which I answered to night & posted same. To Miss Milners & got my usual lunch for tomorrow 8d. Sandwiches & some brown bread & butter which she suggested. Had a chat & walked as far as Tram with her & then to room & bed at 10 o clk. Also got [tie] from Mrs Joyce to day.

Up at 6.20 after a restless night. Very inconsiderate men next room talking till long after midnight annoying me greatly. Splicing wire sent up rigging & did caulking on “Dora” to day. Weather fair & cloudy at times. Great excitement all day over the war. Wild rumours circulating everywhere. There is a German steamer detained here now. Had tea at National Cafe soup, Beefsteak pudding & plum pudding 6d. Palace crowded & rooms & beds all full up. Increased rates charged from today. Voucher (containing agreement) from Mr Savage, sec of Soloman Is Rubber Co. But on perusing it I’ve decided not to sign it till I’ve seen him. As I intend to discuss some of the clauses with him. To Miss Milners & got my usual sandwiches 1/ Had a chat, walked as far as tram with her & then to Palace. Had fruit salad later 6d & cup of coffee 6d. To room at 9.45 & bed at 11.P.m. 2d tram fare 1d paper Had my hair trimmed 9d 1d for envelopes

War declared between Germany & Russia Up late 10 o clk. Had nothing better to do so stopped in bed. For walk in town in morning got a paper 1d then to tea rooms &had two fried eggs 1/ & cup of tea. Then returned to Palace. Got a paper from Mrs Joyce which should of (sic) been given me yesterday. To Y.M.C.A service in afternoon Mr Wynne from Sydney delivered an address which was very forceful but rather shallow in my opinion. Enjoyed the service on the whole. To Mrs [Wanless’s] in evening & had tea. Soup sausages & apple pie 9d. then to room once more after having purchased another paper 1d. & read the news of the war. Reckoned up my expenditure for the last month & find myself 9d short, rather vexing as I went to considerable trouble to keep an exact account. For short walk at 8.30 o clk saw the Sydney mail train come in & then to Roma street & got some sandwiches 6d. To bed at 10 P.m. My foot nearly, but cold at a standstill.

Wandered about town to night met the late cook & 2nd Steward of [Anira] Wrote & posted letter to S Dickson in Sydney. Paid another week for room 9/ Rose from bed at 6.10 A.m ate my sandwiches & then to work. - Mr Savage rung (sic) up & asked me to call on him at ¼ to 12. in order to interview Mr Isles ) (sic) Chairman of the Soloman Island Rubber Plantation Company Ltd) which I did. Sandpapering “Dora’s” top sides & got a coat of white zinc on by 10.50 A.m. when I changed & left to interview Mr Isles. Sundry [nites ruptions] caused by missing the Ferry & tram which I usually do. I Found Mr Savage & the sec & then we both went off to Mr Isles’s office. Found him to be a plain & apparently respectable man of about 45 to 50 years. Eventually they decided to accept my application & so I leave by the “Mindine” on the 10th of this month. To Palace then & had a bath then to Miss Milners & got sandwiches 6d which I ate in Botanical gardens. Had tea at National 6d Wrote & posted letter to Mrs Joyce. To bed at 11 P.m.

Up early & to work. Day fair & cloudy at times, but sun very hot when shining. Spicing wires & caulking in morning & sandpapering top sides of “Dora” during the afternoon. Had tea at National Cafe 6d & then to room & had a clean up generally. My foot nearly well & cold still improving. To Miss Milners & got my sandwiches 6d at 8 o clk. & then walked with her as far as [finneys] & for rest of evening wandered about town on my lonesome. To room at 9.45 P.m. & to bed at 11 o clk. 1/ 8 cake & etc

Up at 6.10 oclk & to work at 7.30. Day cloudy with rain during night & this morning. At work on “Dora’s” rigging all morning. Took the afternoon off in order to see Mr Savage of Soloman Is. Rubber Plantation Ltd. which I did & was asked to tender an application of carpenter at the above named place. Saw Mr Benjamin & also Mr [space left – no name written] this afternoon & had a good chat with them. Got 3 letters today 1 from Kate 1 from Mr Marr & 1 letter & books from Mr Glasgow. Had tea at National Cafe 6d then to Palace. Wrote to Mrs Joyce & sent an application to Soloman Is R.P. Ltd & posted same, stamps 9d. bananas 6d My foot still improving steadily & cold middling. To Miss Milners & got my usual sandwiches 1/ & then to room once more & read the “Yachtsman” kindly sent to me by Mr Glasgow. Glass of beer with Mr Benjamin at S.E. Club. To room at 9 o clk & bed at 10Pm Rain has now set in.

Up early & to work at Bulimba. Day fine & clear. My foot improved considerably, an abundance of thick blood was drained out by the poltice. (sic) Cold middling. At work on rigging all day splicing wire & making strop. Had tea at National Cafe 6d Cottage pie soup & pudding much enjoyed. book of ferry tickets 6d. Preserved ginger 7d Sandwiches from Miss Milners 1/. 1 letter from, Mrs Joyce 1 from S Dickson & 1 from Mr Benjamin inviting me to put in an application for a position on a rubber plantation in Soloman Islands. Answered Mrs Joyce’s letter to night & posted same. Bathed my foot in hot water & then to bed at 10.30 o clk.

Up before daylight & to work at Bulimba. Got in a fair days work splicing & serving wires. Sent up rigging standing on “Dora”. Had the misfortune to run a large nail into my foot at 9A.m. The nail was very crooked (diagram of shape) & gave me not a little pain extracting it. Went right through my boot & into my instep. Suffered considerable pain for rest of day & foot beginning to swell & get stiff. Had tea at National 6d which I enjoyed but for the agony of my foot. Got balance of my pay today 18/1½ d To Miss Milners in evening & got my sandwiches 1/. She was very good & gave me bread & sugar for poltice. (sic) To room then as the agony of walking was too much for me. Treated my foot with sugar & soap Poltice before turning in. Weather fine & clear. My cold much better & I’m once more beginning to relish my meals. To bed at 9.45Pm.

Up at 6.15 o clk & to work. Day fine & clear. Went without breakfast. Splicing wire for new rigging & backstay pennants for “Dora” all day. Got partly paid today by Mr Whereat. £2 at 5. P.m. Had tea in town this end of valley at a new 6d restaurant, Soup, Beefsteak pie & plum pudding. Got letter from Mr Dickson this evening. To Miss Milners for my usual sandwiches 1/ at 7.45 o clk. Had quite a long conversation with her on the back country & its prospects which was very interesting. Purchased some bananas 6d & to room at 9.15P.m. & bed at 10 o clk. 69 ¾ hrs work. £2.18.1½.

Thieves in Palace to day as some £30 has been missed from bedrooms, one man losing £10 alone. Up at 9.30 o clk & ate some sandwiches for my breakfast & then for walk to Botanical Gardens & had a good loaf. Day fair & cloudy. Had 1 egg & pot of tea for dinner. Wrote & posted a letter to Runa this afternoon. Had tea at Cafe Exchange 1/ & then for walk down George St where I bought some sandwiches for tomorrow 6d. Went to the service in the Y.M.C.A. this afternoon when the Rev Mackay of Melbourne delivered a splendid address which I enjoyed very much. My cold still very bad & nose & head very fuddled. Had a long chat on the balcony this evening with a gentleman whom I thought an ordinary sort of a cuss. Met another very intelligent man in the Urinal who seemed friendly & gave me some very valuable information on the back country of N.S.W. & Queensland. He has travelled all through the Australian states & prefers Queensland to any other state. Had quite an interesting conversation with him for about ¾ hour. To bed at 9.45. oclk.

To work without breakfast as I did not require any. Day fine but cloudy later. Knocked off at 11.45 & half holiday this afternoon. Painted Dora & varnished mast & trimmed spar this morning. Had sandwiches for dinner then for stroll to S. Exchange Club where I put in a comfortable hour & half amongst the books. Walk to Botanical Gardens this afternoon as well. Had tea at Mrs [Wanless] 6d. Witnessed a disturbance between Police & some hoodlums in Mary street this evening at 6.45P.m. Walked round in evening & then to Central Cafe at 9 o clk & had ham & eggs 1/. My cold still very bad indeed & my head thick & unpleasant. Wrote & posted letter to Mr Dickson this evening. Paid another weeks room 9/ To bed at 10 o clk. feeling as rotten as possible.

Up late at 6.30 & had to dash off without my breakfast, but ate a few sandwiches before work. Had my dinner while working & at 12 o clk I left for town to interview the Chief Railway surveyor whom had sent for me, but was disappointed as he had engaged another. To work again at 2 P.m. Painting & smoothing topside of “Dora” Also started making a spar. Day fine & clear with dense fog in morning but cleared by 7.30 o clk. Had tea at Greens braized steak & kidney soup & sago custard 6d. Then to Palace & had a bath & etc. To town again after tea. Got sandwiches 6d. bananas 6d. tea & etc before going to bed 6d. 6d tram fare for day [9]d chocolate 3d glass of beer which nearly made me sick. To room again at 10 o clk feeling like a bike tire (sic). To bed at 10.30 Pm. feeling middling & with a light toothache. [Wattle] day to day.

Up earlier than usual & had my sandwiches for breakfast. 6.10 Am. Then walked briskly to Valley & picked tram up there as it was a very cold morning. Weather anything from fair to middling. At work all day on “Dora”, finished taking out chainplates at 10 o clk. & then started burning paint off hull, which was exasperating as the gusty wind was continually blowing out the lamp. Have caught a very bad cold in the nose & head from I know not where, so have put on a singlet for first time since leaving N.Z. To Greens after wirj fir tea 6d which I enjoyed. Then to Palace & had a clean up. got some sandwiches from Miss Milners 1/ & had drink 3d at same place bought some dates also 6d, then to Palace at 8 o clk & bed 9.30 o clk, steady rain has now set in & it is very cold

Up early 6 o clk & walked to Valley Junction where I caught the Bulimba tram. Weather fair with intermediate showers of rain. At work on Dora all day. Burning paint off top sides & preparing surface for paint. Wind strong at times & occasionally blowing the lamp out & making me swear a lot. My cold still bad & my head very fuddled. To Greens after work & had a good tea 6d then to Palace & had a clean up. Too Miss Milnars & got my sandwiches 1/ Letter from Mrs Rose which I answered & posted this evening. Bought bananas 7d per doz & ate before going to bed. To bed at 10.30 o clk.

Up at 6 o clk & had my sandwiches then to work. Walked briskly to Valley Junction & caught Bulimba tram. Day fine & not much wind. Burning off & smoothing topsides of Dora preparatory to painting & mixed white paint ready for use. To Greens after work & had tea which I enjoyed 6d then to Palace. Paper from Mrs Joyce. 1 letter from Miss Snow in Fiji & 1 from R W Stiles in Nelson. To Miss Milners & got my usual sandwiches 1/. Also got a note from Railway Survey Dept. requesting me to visit there soon as possible. Replyed (sic) by letter & delivered to Survey office at 9 Pm. Purchased & Ate Bananas 6d. My cold still bad & head very much fuddled. To bed at 10 o clk. suffering from constipation.

To work at 7.30 Am. after a very cold trip in tram. Weather bad & raining, everything dreary. Taking out chainplates on “Dora” all day, very tedious as the copper rivetts (sic) gave me more trouble than enough. To Green’s after work 6 o clk & had a hearty tea 6d which I enjoyed very much, then to Palace, had bath & cleanup. Letter from Mrs Joyce & also one from Burns Philp, in Sydney. Answer & posted letter to Mrs Joyce this evening. To Miss Milners & got some sandwiches for my breakfast & dinner tomorrow 1/ had quite a long & pleasant discourse with her on various topics. Weather has got very cold all at once. To bed at 11 o clk, feeling tired but well.

Up at 8.30 o clk. & had breakfast (Ham sandwiches) in my room. Then caught the Paddington tram 2d, Took the tram to the terminus & then walked to [Ashville] and out on the Ennoggera road. Walked about 4 miles into the country. Roads very dusty. On the return I went into the bush a little & sat down for a rest. Made the acquaintance of another gentleman here who was also out on his own exploring, like my self. Both sat down & had quite a pleasant time, & did a little exploring together. Then we both retuned home via Hawthorn Park. Viewed the quarries together on the road. Left my mate at Red Hill where he resides. Had two hot pies & cup of coffee on my way 9d. Arrived at Palace at 2P.m very dusty & dirty. Read most of afternoon in my room & then to Exchange at 5.10P.m where I had dinner 1/ & got some sandwiches 1/ Then to Palace once more. Weather cloudy & a change seems probable. Had walk by self in evening. Steady rain set in at 8.45 Pm. To room at 9 & bed at 9.30 Pm.

Drunkards everywhere tonight even lying in the gutters. Up early & to work at 6.45 A.m. Weather fine & clear with sharp frost. Cutting burr off chainplate rivetts (sic) on “Dora” all morning half holiday in afternoon. Mr Whereat got my tools today, the cost of which I’ve asked him to deduct from my wages. Had dinner at Greens 6d & then to palace. Had bath & clean up. Tea at Strand 9d bought sandwiches 6d. Decided to call on Mr Benjamin & on my way along to the Club I met him, so we both adjourned again to the Club & partook of refreshments. 1/ Had quite a pleasant chat together & then we both walked home together. To Mr Cox’s in evening at 8 P.m. in response to invitation as he has a party at Norman Park. Got there soon after 8 o clk & was formally introduced allround (sic). There was quite a crowd of young women & men & children. Noise & uproar deafening at times & music & singing till long after 11 P.M. Dancing & etc all of which helped to amuse the usual fickle mind. Met a Miss Marks who was very nice. Also a Mr Harris. Left after having had a good time & arrived at Palace 11.45 Pm & to bed at 12.30 Pm after having had a very indigestible supper.

Up at 6.20 & caught the 6.45 tram & to work at 7.30. Still working at yacht Dora. Sent all standing & running gear down & removed rail & moulding & started work on chainplates. Feel sunburnt & very sore& tired but otherwise splendid. Called again at Mrs Norma’s but found her out so I’ll not call there again. Had tea at Greens 6d which I enjoyed. Bought some lunch & etc 1/, 6d bananas & 6d tea, 2/ stationary (sic). Weather fine & clear with sharp frost this morning. Very cold riding to work this morning. Wrote note to Mr Benjamin this evening & posted same. My lips still very sore & sunburnt. Short walk in town & returned to palace at 9 P.m. & to bed at 11. P.m. 4d tram fare.

Arose early 6.30 o clk & dressed in great haste as I had to start work at Bulimbu today at 7.30 o clk. Caught the car & duly arrived at Mr Whereat’s boat building yard at 7.20 o clk. 4 d car fare 2d ferry. Had a good day’s work which I enjoyed, on board the 45 ft yacht “Dora” over-hauling & etc. All outside work which was very nice. Called at Mrs Norma’s on the way home this evening to see about lodgings, but found her out. Got to town at 6.10 P.m. Had tea 6d & then to Palace & had a hot bath. Brought some sandwiches 1/ for my breakfast & lunch tomorrow. Also some banana’s & peanuts 9d. Two letters from Mrs Joyce, one enclosing her sisters (sic) letters. Weather cool & lovely & clear. For a short walk by self in evening & to bed at 10.30 o clk. feeling tired but otherwise I’m feeling grand.

Up & for a walk to Botanics at 8.30 A.m. Had breakfast 6d. Saw Mr Benjamin & Collins in the afternoon. Called on Burns Philp with regards to employment in the Islands. Was invited to write to Mr Wallin their manager of Island branch in Sydney, Which I did & posted same this evening. Letter from Mr Whereat asking me to start work with him as soon as I liked. Called on Mr Whereat at his yard this afternoon & made arrangements. Received wire from Mrs Joyce this evening, sent at 4.10 Pm. Re 5.58 Pm Purchased some sandwiches this evening 1/for My breakfast & dinner tomorrow. Also visited stock exchange this morning Got my laundry this evening 10 ½ d To bed at 10.30 P.m. Got some papers from Mrs Joyce

Up just before 8 o clk. Took a short walk. Had no breakfast. Weather fine & clear with moderate westerly wind which made it cold at times. To Stock Exchange in morning & read for a while. Had dinner at Strand 9d & then to Botanical gardens spent a lot of time in the shrubbery & looking at the orchids which were both beautiful & interesting. To Stock exchange again in afternoon & saw Mr Benjamin with whom I had a friendly chat. To Palace at 5.30 Pm had a bath & then to Cafe Alexandria for tea which I enjoyed very much. To Palace once more. & spent a little time on the balcony, & then to room at 8 o clk. Wrote & posted a letter to S Dickson this morning. Had a game of chess to self & to bed at 10.30 o clk.

Up at 8 o clk. & for a walk. Day fine & clear. At typical Queensland winter day. To see Mr Wright Boatbuilder at Newstead, But I was just too late as he had only just engaged hands. Just my luck again. For walk to North Quay then & sat down the by river bank. Had dinner 9d Went & spent some time in Botanical Gardens in afternoon. Also saw Mr Collins. Had tea at Green’s 6d & then to Palace. Got a letter from Mrs Rose in morning & answered it for the last time soon after dinner & posted it to her. To bed at 10 oclk feeling a bit out of sorts generally.

Up at 8. o clk. & to Central 'Station' & booked ticket for 9.12 A.M. train for Sandport 1/ Left to time & duly arrived just before 10 A.M. Had my breakfast by the seaside. Glorious day clear & sunny. Number of people on the sands. Had a long walk all round & saw all that was worth seeing. Had my dinner beneath some trees facing the sea which was very pleasant indeed, but I felt so lonely as I knew noone in the locality. Caught the 5.15 P.m train for Brisbane & arrived a few minutes before 7 P.m. For walk (after I’d had tea & [bath]. Tea in my room), through town & along Ann street. Listened to Choir in St Andrews church which was splendid. To Palace at 9 o clk & bed at 10 o clk.

Arose at 7.30 oclk & for a walk. Grand day clear & bright. Westerly has gone which is a Blessing. To visit Capt Collins at 10.30 A.m. who gave me a letter of introduction to Mr Whereat Boat & ship builder, Bulimba, who I visited & had a chat regard employment & etc just before mid-day. Had dinner at 1.10 P.m. Got a letter from Mrs Joyce. To Palace after dinner & wrote & posted letter to Mrs Joyce. Lips & face very sore & sunburnt. Had some tea in my room & then for a walk around town. Lot of people about & lovely fine night, clear & moonlight. To Palace again at 9 o clk & to bed at 10.30 P.m. W C’s smell very strong tonight. In fact the stench down our end of the dormitory is unbearable. Drew the lift man’s attention to same 9/ for room.

Got up very late 8 o clk. (sic) and for my usual morning walk to Botanical gardens. Glorious day & clear but the cold westerly is still blowing making it dusty & nasty about town. To Stock Exchange Club at 10.30 oclk. (sic) saw Mr Benjamin & Capt Collins. Got letter from Kate in which was enclosed postal notes for £3, Also letter from Dad with Postal note for £1 enclosed. Cashed them at the Post office. Had a good dinner 9d. To Queensland royal Yacht club rooms in afternoon & had a look with & at some of the literature. Had a chat with the bar tender there. Wrote & posted letters to Kate Miss Snow and Mr Glasgow this afternoon & evening. For a short walk in evening to town & then to room at 9 Pm, & bed at 10.30 Pm. Saw Craddock in town today, Also Mr Still, surveyor at Equitable buildings.

Up at 8 o clk. & to Botanics for a walk & to enjoy the morning sunshine. Lovely day but a cold westerly still blowing. To Queensland Royal Yacht club rooms in morning & had a look through some of the yachting journals, then to stock exchange Club where I met several & had a chat on various topics. Visited Mr Benjamin in afternoon & Also Mr Turner who in turn gave me cards to different parties of importance. Hurried around all day & got very dusty & dirty. Bath in evening & then had tea 9d. Went no where in evening & to bed at 9 o clk (sic) after having perused the Sydney Sunday times.

Up early & to breakfast. at Greens 6d. Then to Botanics for a walk. Then to stock exchange & saw Mr Benjamin who was very nice & is going to try & put me in the way of work. He made me an honorary member of the stock exchange & also of the Queensland royal yacht club. Visited several places in search of employment including the Rose [warner] meat works but got no luck. To stock Exchange in afternoon & had a look at the papers there. Was invited to Lodge Hiram in the evening, which I attended & had a very good time. Day fine & clear with cold westerly wind blowing all day & clouds of dust in town making things rather unpleasant. Got a letter from Miss Snow this morning. Wrote & posted a letter to Mum this evening. To Palace at 10 Pm & bed at 11.30 o clk. (sic)

Up at 7 o clk. (sic) had breakfast 6d & for walk round. Called on several places regarding employment but no luck. Called on shipping master also, Mr Benjamin & Simpson. Everything very quiet & slack nothing doing. Weather fine & clear with fresh westerly & dense clouds of dust in town which makes one very dirty. Go my boots from Mr Jensens 4/ Walking around all day & got very tired indeed. Ketch which was commanded by Capt Shirlaway wrecked at Cape Capricorn, it was Capt Shirlaway who wanted me to go with him on this voyage. To my room at 7 P.m. & started darning socks, & to bed at 10 Pm feeling very despondent.

Up at 7.15 Am. & to Greens for breakfast 6d then for walk to look for employment but got no luck. Got letters from Mrs Joyce, Mivy, Geo Ricketts & Ryan. Wrote two letters to Mrs Rose & posted same, 1 in morning & 1 in afternoon. Posted a book (the Pocket Queensland) to dad 3d. To Botanics in afternoon & sat down for a rest & viewed the scenery. My room swept today & not before it was needed. Glorious day clear & sun shining, called at Mr Jensens but my boots not yet ready. Lot of drunkards in the Palace tonight, some of them making more noise than enough getting along the Passage. Called on Mr Yates surveyor this morning but nothing doing. Everything very slack in Brisbane at present. I’m thinking of shipping once more. Started darning my socks this evening till interrupted by drunkards. To bed at 11 P.m. Got Tie & paper also from Mrs Joyce to day.

Got up at the late hour of 8.15 A.m. feeling well. & for a walk out to Norman Park to see Mr Walter Cox & family, who had invited me out. Soon found his place & we had a jolly couple of hours. Met Mrs Cox who was very nice. Had dinner with them & at 2.20 P.m. I retraced my steps towards the city once more, & after a brisk walk arrived at Palace at 3.15 P.m. Day cloudy with drizzle of rain at times. Had tea at Palace which was a very miserable one. Cold mutton & had to wait a mighty long time for that. Had to wait for everything 1/ which I grudged very much. Met a swagger outside Palace door who reckoned he had had nothing to eat for 24 hours but I noticed his breath smelt very strong of liquor. Gave him 3d & got rid of him. For walk around abouts by myself in evening & to Palace & bed at 11 P.m. Wrote & posted letter to Miss Snow this afternoon. Paid 9/ for room for another week.

Up & to work at 7.20 My last morning thank God. Very miserable morning’s work. Paid off at 12 A.m £2.12. Weather fine & clear but cloudy & slight shower in afternoon. For walk in afternoon to Botanical gardens & read. ( Pocket Queensland) for a while from which I gathered some valuable information. Had no tea as I wanted none. To Lodge. Edmund McDonald in evening where I had a right good time & enjoyed myself. Installation for Bro McKay re installed. Met Bro Whitehouse of New Zealand constitution. Had a good old chat together. Very interesting evening. Returned homewards with Mr Master at 12 P.m. Very cloudy night & raining a little. To bed at 12.30 A.m.

To work at 7 .21. Awfully long & miserable day. Work most sickening to be sure & the employees the most motley crowd I’ve ever worked with. About 5 hands are crowded round a tub about 3 ft square. Some chewing & spitting tobacco juice in the water & on your feet. The tub is like a submarine explosion. Stench of foul breaths is abominable. The machine grinds round & throws out bottles 1 dozen at a time about every 2 seconds. The topic of conversation is usually loose women or the racecourse, mingled with the most filthy talk imaginable, & other talk of a most shallow nature. The water is hot & you are enveloped in a cloud of steam all day long. Bought some sandwiches for dinner 6d. Letter from Stan Dickson to day. Tea at Greens 6d. Saw Mr Hooper of the Queensland Railway institute to whom I had a card of introduction. Took Boots to Mr Jensen in evening to be fixed up. For stroll in town. Bought a cake 6d. To Palace at 8.45 Pm & to bed at 11 P.m. Day fine & clear

Arose at 6.30 & to work at 7.20. No breakfast. Weather fine & clean after the rain. Washing bottles all day, most stupid work I’d ever done. Gave notice to Mr Legge at 11.55 A.m. He was most curteous (sic) to me. Had my dinner at the top end of Edward st. ham & tomato sandwiches 6d. Miserable afternoons work. Saw Capt Shirl away of the Gov schooner [250 mm gap left] to night. As he left a note saying he wished to see me with regards sailing with him. Saw him in his room. He was a real gentleman & I think a splendid man to get on with. Had a long yarn about his experiences & sea life & company in general. For walk by myself down the Valley in evening. To Palace & bed at 11 P.m. Disturbance in room opposite mine tonight as one of the officials discovered one of the boarders to have a girl in his room.

Up at 6.30 & to work. Washing bottles & carrying crates all day. Am sick & tired of the job. Wet foot all day. Brought some [scones] & pies & ate in my room in dinner ^hour^, had no breakfast. Got letter from Mrs Joyce today also a note from a Mr Ryan whom I do not know. Tea at Green’s 6d soup, sausages & plum pudding. Visit from Mr Ryan again during dinner tea hour. He came to see me regarding employment, on the survey Metropolitan work. Gave me particulars & etc & told me to let him know soon as possible if I’d take it on. wages £2.8 per week. Wrote to Mrs Joyce to night in answer to her last letter & posted same. Rain has now set in at 8.30 Pm & everything is very dismal. To bed at 11 P.m. My left jaw still has a peculiar ache in it.